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Today in entertainment news: Reese Witherspoon's first sci-fi movie seems to be a go, Leo DiCaprio reteams with an old friend, and Steven Spielberg is adapting a video game.

Harvey Weinstein is currently charging around southern France buying up movies left and right, his latest Cannes acquisition being the sci-fi romance Passengers. That's the one that will star Keanu Reeves and Reese Witherspoon as people falling in love in space. Now that distribution is locked down, it looks like this thing is actually happening! Reese Witherspoon is doing a sci-fi movie, with Keanu Reeves. And Keanu Reeves is playing a huge jerk, a guy who wakes up from cryo-sleep and doesn't want to wait out the rest of his life alone so he wakes up Reese Witherspoon too. What a jerk, right? Can't wait to see Space Jerk so I can yell at the jerk. Thanks, Harvey. [Deadline]

Leonardo DiCaprio is heading back into the world of Dennis Lehane. The Shutter Island author is writing a movie for DiCaprio to star in, an adaptation of the 1964 John D. MacDonald novel The Deep Blue Good-by. It's a crime story about a man who lives on a houseboat in Florida, a man Wikipedia describes as "a bachelor, a man who can be friends with ladies as well as have a passion for them." That sounds just like Leo! Except for the houseboat part, of course. Unless he has a houseboat that I don't know about. Does Leonardo DiCaprio have a houseboat? Someone look into that for me. But yeah, anyway, another DiCaprio/Lehane movie. Have we had enough or what? [The Hollywood Reporter]

Steven Spielberg has seen fit to turn the uber-popular video game series Halo into a television show, so go alert your 16-year-old sons or brothers — knock first!! — and make their day. The story of the games involves a war with aliens, just like that other Steven Spielberg-produced TV series, Smash. I mean Falling Skies, the one with Noah Wyle. Who knows if this will be good, but you can bet there will be lots of viewing parties in college dorms whenever it premieres. Though, hm, do college boys have viewing parties? I mean, I did for Project Runway, but that seems different. [Vulture]

Here is a trailer for Byzantium, a Neil Jordan-directed vampire flick starring Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton. Having directed Interview with the Vampire, Jordan knows his way around a bloodsucking fiend, so this could be promising. And who doesn't like that Saoirse Ronan? Sure she was most recently in that bizarre Stephenie Meyer movie The Host (which I didn't get a chance to review, but man was it hilarious and a little insane), but pretty much everything else she's done has been good. Her section of Atonement worked well, I thought. So why not watch her in a vampire movie? I say yes to this. Though I keep getting it confused with Elysium. Two very, very different movies.

And here is a trailer for a Sienna Miller drama about belly dancing. And friendship. Through belly dancing. In the American Southwest. Here is a trailer for a dramatic movie about friendship and belly dancing in the Southwest starring Sienna Miller. How about that.

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