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"I said all kinds of crazy things," Reese Witherspoon told America Thursday morning during her second apology for a recent drunken confrontation with a cop during a traffic stop, "I had no idea what I was saying." Well, TMZ has helpfully offered to jog Reese Witherspoon's memory: they released "dash cam" videos of the arrest late Thursday night. 

Witherspoon's rant, complete with the fatal "do you know who I am?" card of celebrity PR free-falls, has been a source of shadenfreude for those who like to see famous people (even the reportedly nice ones) taken down a notch or two, or a million. But Witherspoon's apology Thursday on Good Morning America was pretty classy and direct, which should take some of the sting out of the dirty details of her terrible night. 

We'll let you judge how bad her confrontation with the cop was, which began with Witherspoon lying about being pregnant: 

Trooper (looking toward a car): Ma'am, get back in that car.

Witherspoon (out of view): You know I'm so sorry.

Trooper: Ma'am, get back in that car.

Witherspoon: Can I say something?

Trooper: No ma'am, get back in that car. I'm not going to repeat myself again.

Witherspoon: I'm pregnant and I need to use the restroom.

And it goes from there: 

Trooper (as Witherspoon approaches him administering test to Toth): Ma'am, what'd I just tell you to do?

Witherspoon: I'd like to know what's going on.

Trooper: He's under arrest. If you don't get back in the car...

Witherspoon: I'm a U.S. citizen and I'm allowed to stand on American ground...

Trooper: Actually, you're not allowed to do anything...

Witherspoon: ask any question I want to ask.

Trooper: Go ahead. Come on (moves to handcuff her).

Witherspoon: You better not arrest me.

At this point, we all know about Witherspoon's especially regrettable "Okay, you're about to find out who I am," so we won't rehash that again. While the actress continued to inform the cop of her rights as an American citizen, her husband pleaded with her to calm down. Even the cop seemed to feel a teeny bit bad bad about what was about to happen: 

Witherspoon: I'm being anti-American?

Trooper: Yep. Go ahead and sit down. (as they approach car)

Witherspoon: Wow!

Trooper: Sit on your butt first, it'll be a lot easier on you.

Witherspoon: Interesting....Arresting me???

Trooper (back in view) to husband: I tried.

Husband: I'm sorry.

Trooper: I absolutely 100 percent tried.

Toth: I had nothing to do with that.

Trooper: I know.

Read the full transcript at the Associated Press. For what it's worth, Witherspoon pleaded "no contest" to the charges against her on Thursday, while her husband pleaded "guilty." Neither will face jail time. 

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