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America knows all about Governor Chris Christie's love of fleece zip-ups—they abounded on his love-fest with President Obama while touring the damage of Hurricane Sandy last year. But when Christie bestowed one upon Prince Harry this morning before their photo-op tour of the Sandy recovery, he was actually giving one to a kindred spirit. Harry, too, is a fan of the fleece.

Christie tweeted: "Greeting Prince Harry at the Jersey Shore the best way I know how; with his own Royal Fleece." And note the photographic evidence. Look at that smile on Harry's face. He knows he is getting a fashion item that he truly prizes: 

Here, for instance, his Harry reading a news broadcast in April: 

And here is Harry wearing a Walking With The Wounded fleece at an event in 2012. His fleece today also looks to have that charity's logo. See this photo from April

Stay tuned for much more of this fleece bro-down from the Jersey Shore.

Update: Here are some more images from the Associated Press. If this isn't the stance of a budding friendship, we don't know what is. 

Meanwhile, the New York Times's Sarah Maslin Nir reports on Twitter that Harry "MAY HAVE JUST WON A STUFFED HELLO KITTY." (Caps are hers.)

Update No. 2: Said prizes must be from these games on the boardwalk in Atlantic City — yes, that girl in the sunglasses is back:

Update 3: Harry met a princess.

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