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The early trailers for Pixar's Monsters University reminded us of Animal House, but today's final preview adds a bit of Legally Blonde misfit-striving-for-inspirational-glory into the mix. (Yes, we know Legally Blonde is about law school, but clearly the scaring program at Monsters U is pre-professional.) In the new trailer, we are introduced to a young Mike, our beloved roly poly green guy, who dreams of scaring. When he gets to college (suddenly with the voice of Billy Crystal), his road to glory isn't that easy. There's social awkwardness, nepotism from his other classmates (future BFF Sulley), and, of course, little green hormones. Ultimately, there's camaraderie and even scarier monsters. We would not want to mess with that librarian. 

The film opens on June 21, when it shouldn't have much competition in the family-friendly department. To take that weekend, Monsters U will have to beat Brad Pitt's beleaguered zombie epic World War Z. And Pixar's monsters seem, well, cuter. 

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