Rejoice: 'Parks & Rec' Shall Return!

Today in show business news: NBC remains in the Amy Poehler business, Randy Jackson is getting out of the Idol business, and Adam Brody is a gay best friend.

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Today in show business news: NBC remains in the Amy Poehler business, Randy Jackson is getting out of the Idol business, and Adam Brody is a gay best friend.

A wellspring of bad decisions for several years now, one thing NBC has done right is support its funniest shows, which are cult popular but not huge in the ratings. To that end, they've just renewed Parks & Recreation for a sixth season. So that is reason to celebrate! It gives Amy Poehler another chance to win a much-deserved Emmy, and we get to gaze more at cuddly teddy bear Chris Pratt (or Rashida Jones, depending on your bent), and we'll get more Ron Swanson. Though. Hm. Wait. On that last one. Nick Offerman is great and funny and all, but hasn't the Internet gone a little overboard with all the Ron Swanson stuff? Like all the GIFs and macros and whatnot? I think it's gotten to be a little much. So maybe let's cool it with that this next season, huh? It's a very funny TV show, but it's just a TV show. We get it. Ron Swanson is funny and likes breakfast and hates other stuff. Let the writers write the show and we'll enjoy it and then it's done. We don't need to add to it. It speaks for itself. But, anyway. Yay Parks and Recreation! [Deadline]

Alas, Bob Greenblatt giveth, and Bob Greenblatt taketh away. With Parks & Rec's renewal comes news of the cancellation of Whitney, the multicam sitcom from standup Whitney Cummings, and of 1600 Penn, the White House comedy starring Josh Gad. Whitney managed to hobble along for two seasons, while 1600 Penn only lasted the one. Never good news when people are out of a job. [Entertainment Weekly]

Speaking of out of a job, original American Idol judge Randy Jackson has "decided" to "quit" the show after twelve seasons. This comes after reports this morning that producers of the show want to fire all four judges because of low ratings. So it looks like Randy yo yo yo'd himself ahead of the news and made it look like he decided to move on. Which is fine, and gracious of American Idol to let him do that. Randy was never very useful, but I suppose this news is a little sad. The end of an era and all. Randy is the last holdout original judge. Once he's gone, it's over. I mean, Ryan will still be there, but that's it. Otherwise? A whole new show. One I don't think I'll be watching. Not because Randy is leaving, but because, as Randy said in his little press release, "Yo yo yo." No, I mean, "it is time to leave after this season." Yes, Randy. It is time. Good luck with future endeavors. Like producing more dance crew competition shows or something. I don't know. He has an eyewear line. That should keep him busy. He'll figure it out. Dawg. There's the dawg joke. [E!]

Unfortunately Randy won't be able to host the Tony Awards next month, because Neil Patrick Harris has already been tapped to do that for the fourth time. Harris hasn't himself been on Broadway in nearly ten years (though he did do a Company concert in 2011 — he sings a just-OK "Being Alive"), but he makes the same sorta snappy theater jokes every year and the old queens love it, so he's a fine host. He's not as fun as Hugh Jackman, but who is, really. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Spike TV has renewed the bar makeover reality show Bar Rescue for another 20 episodes, which is great news. Seriously! That show is fascinating, all about the economic science of owning a bar, like measuring pours and bottle levels and all that stuff that bartenders don't seem to be conscious of. Well, oftentimes they're not, which is the point of the show. Anyway, it's a very interesting show and you should all give it a watch. You'll learn something! And don't we all want to learn something when we watch TV? [Deadline]

Here is a trailer for Baggage Claim, a fun-looking romantic comedy that is most notable for three things: 1) This is Paula Patton's first real leading role, right? Good for her. She is likable, I think. Don't you think? 2) Adam Brody plays the gay best friend. Adam Brody plays the gay best friend. Adam Brody plays the gay best friend. 3) Where exactly in his house has Taye Diggs hung the graying portrait of himself? Because cheese on a biscuit, the fellow has not aged a day in like seventeen years. It's eerie. I mean, I'm not complaining, but it seems a little supernatural. Anyway, for those reasons and others, I will be seeing this.

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