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Following a pretty rough morning over at NBC, we move onto the Fox upfront presentation at the Beacon Theatre on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. We didn't really get any new information about the fate of the Idol judges, but we did hear more about the slate of guy-driven comedies the network has coming up this fall—some promising, some not so promising—all the better to round out Fox's New Girl/Mindy Project night. Also: There were stars! And the bold return of 24 was announced, though we didn't hear much about it! We were on the scene to bring you all the details, first-look clips, insider info, and much more. Scroll down for interactive fall schedule and the latest, and click here for Richard Lawson's take


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  8:00 p 8:30 p 9:00 p 9:30 p
Monday Bones Sleepy Hollow
Tuesday Dads Brooklyn Nine-Nine New Girl The Mindy Project
Wednesday The X Factor
Thursday The X Factor Results Glee
Friday Junior Masterchef Sleepy Hollow
Saturday Fox Sports Saturday
Sunday The Simpsons Bob's Burgers Family Guy American Dad


The Presentation

5:27 The presentation is ending with a music video/auto tuned compilation of clips. Okay. Stay cool, Fox. 

5:23 Seth MacFarlane approached Fox with the idea of producing science documentary Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, a reboot of the original Cosmos. Now that's a bizarre combo. MacFarlane is teaming with astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson for the series. 

5:22: This, of course, also includes: 24: Live Another Day.

5:19 Fox is also developing a number of long form series, including an adaptation of Shogun, and M. Night Shyamalan's Wayward Pines

5:15 And the Greg Kinnear show Rake. Kinnear plays a gambler/lawyer defending cannibals who is falling in love with a prostitute. 


5:11 Now for later offerings like Gang Related about gangs and cops in Los Angeles. 

5:06 And now J.J. Abrams' Almost Human. It's a futuristic drama about cops that have robot partners. Karl Urban gets one of the robots with a bug that makes him feel. 

5:03 The modern day Sleepy Hollow is up first. The headless horseman rides, and there's some Starbucks humor, mixed with National Treasure style historicism. 

5:00 The drama folks are out and Greg Kinnear seems confused that he's supposed to take the microphone. But he introduces the clip package.

4:58 And we're onto drama. They're highly promoting The Following

4:55 A bunch of the reality stars come out and Simon Cowell digs Randy Jackson. "Where's Randy?" Cowell asks.

4:54 We heard about some of the digital initiatives and now we're onto reality. 

4:45 Reilly mentions that New Girl and a new comedy are running after the Super Bowl. Now Michael Strahan and Troy Aikman are talking about the Super Bowl. Strahan says Fox is going to take over Times Square for the Super Bowl. Because the Super Bowl will be cold this year, apparently everyone who goes to the after party gets a version of Michael Strahan's scarf. 

4:41 Do you miss Bleep My Dad Says? Because Surviving Jack is a comedy from the same dude. It's a period piece. Period being 1991. Christopher Meloni stars. 

4:38 For later in the year we have Us & Them, an BBC adaptation, with Rory Gilmore, sorry Alexis Bledel, and Jason Ritter, about two people and their weird friends and relations. 

4:33 Next: Enlisted, an Army comedy, about misfit soldiers. The tagline: "He was looking for a few good men, what he got was them." 


4:30 First up is the multicamera, Seth MacFarlane produced Dads starring Giovanni Ribisi and Seth Green. and the Mike Schur produced Brooklyn Nine-Nine with Andy Samberg. The former has some poop jokes and sexy Asian schoolgirl jokes.  The latter looks too have a little of the awkward workplace humor of Schur's Parks & Rec. Kevin Reilly called Andre Braugher in Brooklyn: "A new Lou Grant." High praise.

4:24 A group of actors appeared on stage.

Max Greenfield, Schmidt on New Girl, came out to introduce the new shows. He gave his jacket away to someone because it got cold out and he revealed he sleeveless. He almost sang a song from Pippin

4:20 After some marketing jargon, we're onto comedy. A video intro to returning shows featured Andy Samberg and Seth green, both on new comedies, and actors on returning shows like Zooey Deschanel. 

4:13 And we're underway. "This was not our best year," execs say.  

3:46 A voiceover from New Girl's Schmidt instructed the audience to take their seats, while a DJ spins from the stage and trivia questions about Fox shows appear on the screen.

3:31 p.m. Fox has balloons lining Broadway. 


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