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The return of Arrested Development is fast approaching (prepare, people!), but, really, nobody knows much of anything about what's actually in the new episodes. So that makes these four 10-second clips released by Netflix on Friday all the more enticing. 

Netflix decided not to release any of season four to critics. So when all 15 episodes go live on Sunday morning (at 3 a.m. Eastern, midnight Pacific), everyone — or mostly everyone, as there are a select few who got a first look — will be approaching them in the same fashion: very eager, slightly worried, and ultimately blind to their quality. So that makes these clips (which you can hunt for in this interactive poster) all the more enticing. 

First we have Maeby entering a warped version of the Bluth family penthouse, which is in a state of disarray, only to find an ostrich.

Then we move to her mother, Lindsay, who is abandoning pictures of Maeby when packing, in order to "let go of these material things." 

Her mother, Lucille, is getting cameras installed in the penthouse from the maritime penal system. She is under house arrest. In the final episode of season three (seven years ago), Lucille was trying to escape the authorities by hijacking the Queen Mary. So that makes sense. 

And, finally, Gob is clearly still involved in the bee industry, and the word "bees" still confuses members of the family. 

Are you ready for Sunday yet? Are you, people?

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