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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where we only take things a quarter mile at a time. Well, everything but cronuts. We would run two whole miles in scorching Arizona heat for cronuts. 

1. Fast & Furious 6 (Universal): $98.5 million in 3,658 theaters

Holy smokes. Going into this weekend, there was no consensus number one pick for box office supremacy. It was going to be Fast & Furious 6 or The Hangover 3, but which one would win was anyone's guess. So we were a little surprised when Fast & Furious dominated and left Hangover in its dust. It made more than twice what Hangover made. But that was probably because there are twice as many Fast & Furious movies, right? Math is always the answer. 

Congratulations, Universal, because Vin Diesel and crew just delivered your studio's biggest opening weekend ever. Also: the second biggest opening weekend of the year. 

2. The Hangover 3 (Warner): $42.4 million in 3,555 theaters

This is awkward. The third, and hopefully final, Hangover movie underperformed. Like, wildly underperformed. Warner reps said they were expecting to make more than $80 million this weekend, a number they did not come close to. It's also a sharp decline from the second Hangover movie that made $135 million over the same weekend two years ago. Just lock this franchise up and throw away the key already. That's the bad news. The good news is The Hangover 3 helped send this Memorial day weekend towards a record setting $322 million haul. Basically, it rained and everyone went to the movies instead of going outside or barbecuing. Happy holidays!

3. Star Trek: Into Darkness (Paramount): $38 million in 3,907 theaters [Week 2]

The Box Office Report would not be against this proposed sequel treatment. Just in case Paramount executives were scouring the Internet for new ideas or anything. Hi, guys!

4. Epic (Fox): $34.2 million in 3,882 theaters

The other movie that opened this weekend is the animated one with Beyonce. Did you fit it in your holiday weekend viewing schedule as planned? We did not. Sorry, Bey! You have enough money from your last movie. You know, the one made by you, about you, that aired on HBO. 

5. Iron Man 3 (Buena Vista): $19.4 million in 3,424 theaters [Week 4]

Everyone has seen Iron Man 3 already, right? Are there people left in the world who have not yet sat in a movie theater and gazed at Robert Downey Jr.'s tortured face for two and a half hours? Probably not. We don't think it's possible. This movie is making money on repeat viewings. That's the only reasonable explanation. 

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