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Today in show business news: Here's our first look at the old Oscar winners in Vegas comedy Last Vegas, HBO is heading to Silicon Valley, and The CW is trying to figure out Wonder Woman.

Oh dear. We now have a teaser trailer for the comedy Last Vegas, which stars Oscar winners Robert De Niro, Kevin Kline, Michael Douglas, and Sir Morgan Freeman as old men going on a Las Vegas bachelor party weekend. (Douglas is getting married to a young Welshwoman in the picture. Ha, no, kidding.) It's another one of those old people doing crazy things comedies, and it does not look very good. But you know what? Whatever. Who cares. Sure these men have all been far more dignified in the past, but what's so great about dignified? They should be allowed to have a little dopey fun if they want to, even if the movie is bad. And heck they're all probably making millions of dollars. (Who got paid the least? I'm inclined to say Kline. I'm inKlined.) Good for them, who cares. And Morgan Freeman drunk is actually kinda funny! Go on with your bad old selves, respected actors. Why not.

HBO has picked up a new series from Mike Judge set in Silicon Valley. It's about young folks trying to make their way in the crazy world of start ups and venture capitalists and horrible nerds who've been given too much money. The tech scene is the worst "scene" in the world! There aren't many plot particulars yet, but I'm really hoping there will be some representation of everyone's favorite creepy tech twins. Y'know, one of those will they/won't they TV things, except it's weird British siblings. Could be great! The current cast of the show is also great, but I hear that some retooling might be happening, so let's not celebrate that just yet. But this is promising. And it's bound to be better than that awful Amazon Studios show. Oh, that's mean. It wasn't that awful. It's just that that whole world is the worst. Really the worst. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The CW has revived a Wonder Woman pilot called Amazon that has been dormant since last year. They've brought in a new writer but are taking their time, wanting to get it right. Said the CW president, "It is the trickiest of DC characters to get done." Hm. Why would that be, I wonder? I mean, trickier than a weird millionaire who lives in a cave and dresses up like a bat to fight costumed villains in a made-up city? Trickier than a magic space alien with immense super powers who works at a newspaper pretending to be a human man but often puts on leggings and goes flying through the sky to rescue people? Those seem pretty tricky too, and yet they get done over and over. So what could be so tricky about Wonder Woman? What could it be? I just can't imagine. What's so different about Wonder Woman? [Deadline]

Oh lord. The first poster for Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac has been released and it's a little weird. Which was to be expected. It's weird partly because von Trier is in the poster himself with duct tape over his mouth (supposedly a joke about his Nazi comments at Cannes two years ago) but it's also weird because... um, is that Christian Slater? Why did no one tell me that Christian Slater is in the new Lars von Trier movie? That is kind of a big deal! Good for him! I thought he was all about failed TV series these days, but I guess not. He's doing highly anticipated indie auteur films that come out on Christmas Day, too. (That's when Nymphomaniac is coming out.) Not bad, Slater. Not bad at all. What is bad is Shia LaBeouf being in this movie. Maybe von Trier just wanted to punish him. Maybe LaBeouf is the new Nicole Kidman. Anyway, get excited, everyone who likes extremely difficult to watch movies! [The Atlantic Wire]


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