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If you were at the Met Gala last night you were treated to Kanye West performing new music in a studded mask. If you weren't—which, let's face it, you probably weren't, and you've been stuck looking at red carpet photos all morning—you can hear scream-y snippets of that music via Twitter Vine clips taken by several glamorous, somewhat punk-y guests. 

In one post by DJ A-Trak (via Vulture) West screams and says, "I am a god," which—relax—is the title of a track off his new album. As Vulture points out, that yell—we would recommend making sure your sound isn't all the way up—fits with comments made by Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter, who described a session with West to Rolling Stone: "He was — kind of screaming primally." If this isn't a primal scream, we don't know what is. 

You can hear more of that track in a Vine from actress Jaime King. (King is a good source for Kanye snippets, as is modle Coco Rocha, who has Vines a-plenty on her Twitter account.)

In other Vines, via Complex, West sang an auto-tuned track, apparently to Kim Kardashian, about how awesome she is. 

Kardashian posted what appears to be a response on Instagram with the caption "Baby you're AWESOME." 

Kanye's new album is possibly coming out on June 18, based on a recent dramatic tweet. (There has also been speculation that the date could signify Kardashian's due date.) According to the Twitter account Team Kanye Daily Vogue is going to release video of West performing "I Am A God" May 10. We've reached out to Vogue for confirmation. (Update: a representative at Vogue denies the report.) West is obviously getting comfy with the magazine. He and Kardashian dined at Vogue editor Anna Wintour's house before the gala. West is also performing on the season finale of Saturday Night Live May 18, so hopefully we'll get some more clarity as to what exactly he's doing.

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