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Jimmy Fallon released a brilliant Game of Thrones parody on Friday's episode of Late Night and, really, the whole thing is fantastic. But it really served as an introduction for the next king of the remote control throne. No, seriously, look closer: they made a spot-on reproduction of the iron throne, but with television remotes. It turns out the world of late night television, especially at NBC, is a lot like Game of Thrones. There are arguments, back room dealings and a murky line of succession often corrupted by ego. So it only makes sense to boil the last few months of bad press into a wonderful and immature riff on one of the best shows on TV. 

Game of Desks starts with Fallon, a spitting image of Ed Stark, receiving word that there is a Joffrey-esque usurper attempting to steal his throne. It turns out "Prince Firecrotch," the head writer, took Fallon's place at the Iron Desk because Fallon forgot to call a seat save. (Always, always call a seat save.) Anyway, it goes on from there, with Fallon nearly losing his head. The Roots play a major role, of course, but the ending is the best part. We don't want to spoil everything, but the ending is the best part. We get to hear, for the first time, what the next "heir" to the late night throne will sound like when his reign starts "in February of aught-fourteen."

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