Hooray for More 'Veep'

Today in show business news: HBO has made a wise decision, so has the Sundance channel, and Natalie Portman is going Shakespearean.

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Today in show business news: HBO has made a wise decision, so has the Sundance channel, and Natalie Portman is going Shakespearean.

HBO has wisely decided to renew its comedy series Veep for a third season, three episodes into the show's second season. That is very good news! Armando Iannucci's political satire, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfuss as a hapless vice president, is blisteringly funny, with a cast that works miracles with rapid-fire dialogue and whole lotta f--king swears. So, yes, let's have more of it! Well decided, HBO. Nothing else to really say about that. It's just a good move. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Meanwhile, Sundance has renewed its new series Rectify for a second season, another bit of welcome news because that show is very good, too. Wow, TV people making some good decisions today! Such a rare thing. Of course upfronts are coming in two weeks, so we'll soon see a lotta bad TV decisions, but for now things are good. [Vulture]

Michael Fassbender and Natalie Portman have just signed on to star in a movie adaptation of Macbeth, a play written by an old man thousands of years ago. It's unclear if this movie will be set in the appropriate time period or if it's even going to use the original language. This sounds like half OK, right? Fassbender's maybe a little young to play the role, in my estimation, but he should be good. Natalie Portman playing Lady Macbeth, though? Again, a little young. And also she just doesn't have the right presence, all petite and birdlike when she speaks. It just seems like a strange fit. But oh well, what do I know? I'm sure she'll be lovely. I'm sure everyone will be great. As long as they don't cast Chloe Moretz as Banquo or something, we should be fine. [Deadline]

Naomi Watts is in talks to join the cast of Noah Baumbach's new film, a "midlife crisis for hipsters movie" called While We're Young. Watts would play Ben Stiller's wife in the comedy, which has had trouble getting off the ground due to financials. The thinking being now that Watts's star presence will help it secure the funds. Because Ben Stiller's didn't? I don't know. Hopefully they figure it out, though, because Noah Baumbach's movies are good and Naomi Watts is good and I like the combination. Adam Driver and possibly Amanda Seyfried will play a younger couple in the film. Let's see if this can actually happen now. Could a Naomi Watts Kickstarter be too far off? [The Hollywood Reporter]

Kelsey Grammer has landed the highly coveted, I'm sure, role of the main human villain in the upcoming Transformers 4, a movie that should in no way be happening but unfortunately is. Deadline says the big role is owed to Grammer switching agencies in the hopes of booking more feature gigs, which is interesting. Is he just after money or is he hoping to eventually get big juicy serious movie roles and win awards? He's never really been much of a movie guy, but I suppose it could happen. I mean, there was American Carol, but we all know how that ended. [Deadline]

Here's a new trailer for The Wolverine, Hugh Jackman's upcoming comedy about attending the University of Michigan as a freshman at the age of 44! It looks kinda not like what I expected, but it still looks funny. Was thinking there'd be more scenes of keg stands and bouncy coeds and stuff, but I guess they don't want to spoil the good stuff. Oh well. What can you do. (Really worth walking around the block with that wolverine joke, huh? Really happy with how that went.)

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