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It's summer blockbuster time, which means we're starting to see trailers from some of the fall's most intriguing offerings, one of which is definitely Alfonso Cuarón's long awaited Gravity. Sure, Warner Bros. delayed the film almost a year, but this minute-and-a-half of Space Shuttle action might actually take your breath away. (And that's before anyone but the CinemaCon audience has even seen it in 3D.) Gravity features George Clooney and Sandra Bullock—the only two credited cast members in the film—basking in the wonder of space... until something goes horribly, spinningly wrong. 

We have high hopes for the October movie, and—in a busy Oscar season for Clooney—it could mean nominations for both actors. But what we're really anticipating is the technical marvel crafted by Cuarón — according to HitFixGravity is thought to be an "artistic marvel," and there's already talk of a 17-minute opening shot, not unlike the tracking shot they teach in film school from the director's Children of Men. We're also anticipating an early summer where we might get early first looks—on YouTube and the big screen—at Academy Award contenders like Martin Scorsese's Wolf of Wall Street and August: Osage County, which... hey, look, we just got one.

In the meantime, we're ready to go to space with George and Sandra — treacherous as it may be. 

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