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Using elements of the message released online last month from General Zod, the last theatrical trailer for Man of Steel heading into Memorial Day weekend loses the epic euphoria once and for all—now in favor of Kryptonian villains and big bangs. It's not as superhero-y as this up-and-down marketing campaign's comeback trailer, as the music is darker and more synthetic while we see Earth under attack from Zod and his army, accompanied by a spider-like spaceship. We also hear from Faora, a "Kryptonian warrior" played by Antje Traue. From this new trailer, released late Tuesday night, you can rest assured that this blockbuster is not going to be all emotions and Malick-y visuals after all. No, this is a movie that takes its aliens seriously. 

The mood of the trailer fits with what Dave Itzkoff writes about the film in this Sunday's Arts & Leisure section of The New York Times. Itzkoff explains that in taking on "the world of Krypton before its annihilation — a bleak, utilitarian planet with sophisticated if downright creepy technology — and the treachery of the Kryptonian villain Zod," director  Zack Snyder offers us an "unapologetic science-fiction spin on Superman." Snyder told Itzkoff that this approach is not entirely revisionist: "If you follow him back logically and try to understand him, you end up at a sci-fi solution."

Ultimately, this all makes Man of Steel even more intriguing. What's with all the skulls? What about the contraption Lois puts on? What's that big writhing thing in the last seconds of the trailer? The questions are endless. What we do know is that we love watching Michael Shannon play huge creeps.

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