This Fake Psy Was the Most Successful Photobomb Prankster in Cannes History

How do you become the toast of Cannes? Pretend to be Psy, apparently.

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How do you become the toast of Cannes? Pretend to be Psy, apparently. An imposteur dressed as the Korean pop sensation—complete with round glasses and trimmed jacket—was spotted around Cannes over the past couple of days as the city brimmed with parties centered around the film festival. He went to parties, including one hosted by the company fleeced in the Great Cannes Jewelry Heist of 2013. He posed with celebrities. He even appeared in a video for a radio station. But his glamorous jaunt through the seaside playground came to an end yesterday when Psy himself tweeted "seems like there's another ME at cannes...say Hi to him @scooterbraun lol #PSYinSINGAPORE."

The fake Psy's run (the New York Post has dubbed him "Psych!") proves just how gullible and not very discerning the VIPs of Cannes can be when they're outside of the Hollywood paparazzi chase and on the Riviera's endless red carpet. Naomie Harris, who played Miss Moneypenny in Skyfall, tweeted a picture of herself with "Psy,"even tagging the singer in the tweet.

The official Twitter account of the Portland Trailblazers sent out an Instagram of their player Nicolas Batum posing with not-Psy in Cannes.

And club owner Ronnie Madra posted a picture of the guy who is not Psy posing alongside actor Adrien Brody.

The as yet unnamed con artist was the subject of chatter elsewhere on social media on the French Riviera.

A fake Psy invading its parties is probably not what the people of Cannes had in mind, especially given that the festival has had its fair share of crime this year. According to the Post, fake-Psy made his way to a party hosted by Chopard, the jewelry company that had over $1 million worth of jewels stolen from a hotel room. In addition to being spotted at Cannes locations like the Carlton Hotel, VIP Room and Martinez Beach, he attended the "secret party" of "millionaire oil magnate and fashion designer" Goga Ashkenazi at Le Baron, at one point "grabbing a mike behind a DJ booth." He was "scamming for" free drinks at the Torch Beach Club, and a "manager" even got him an appearance at Monaco's Better World Awards. And of course he taught Gangnam Style:

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