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Did you hear? Did you hear?! It's almost here! The TV show that no one watched until after it was cancelled, Arrested Development, is less than two weeks away from returning for another flight on Netflix. Last night, they finally debuted the trailer that promises everything you love is returning. 

Our own Richard Lawson has been worried about the show being too heavy on nostalgia and not enough on new ways to be funny, but the first footage released of the show's new espisodes will put some extra pep in the step of the obsessive Arrested Development fan in your life. The new episodes all coming en masse on May 26 so now seems like as good a time as any for a tease. And there was plenty of fan service there, with the whole gang getting attention. There are old and new gags in here, so let's review what we know and don't know and speculate wildly. 

The first time we get to see George Michael and Maeby they're hanging out in the former's college dorm room together. Do you know what happens in college dorm rooms? 

Studying happens. What did you expect, you weirdo? Anyway, papa Michael is a little weirded out over the girl in George Michel's dorm being his cousin. So the cousin lovin' jokes are back for all you weirdos out there. 

And then Michael Bluth is back, of course, looking as bland as ever in those khakis and that shirt. He's still maintaining the family real estate business, though it seems like dark times loom for the Bluth family: 

"That can't be a good sign," he says. 

One of the great things about Arrested Development was the vast universe of secondary and tertiary characters that came along with the Bluth family. Kitty is the only secondary character that gets any real screen time in the trailer, but we know there are many, many more coming when the episodes go online. 

There was also an Ostridge in the trailer for some reason. Live bird gags are big this year. 

GOB Bluth is also back in the magic business. Or the corporate stripping business, it's hard to tell. But the elaborate presentations and theatrics, complete with "Final Countdown" playing in the background of the whole trailer, are all back. 

Tobias still has Hollywood dreams hidden in his jean shorts: 

There are still plenty of GIF-able moments of Lucile drunkenly yelling at people coming when the new episodes arrive. Also, sight gags that reveal someone is probably going on trial:

Yes, the stair car is back: 

And Buster always wins in the end. Remember that: 

We're almost there. May 26 is so close you can taste it. Until then, just keep breathing into this paper bag. 

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