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Today we got our first extended look at the big (if somewhat problematic) blockbuster adaptation of the classic Y.A. sci-fi book Ender's Game. The trailer presents the plot pretty clearly: humans are on the receiving end of an alien threat, and so they resort to using children to fight their battles. We get a pretty clear look at the aliens—Buggers, as they're called in Orson Scott Card's novel—and the gravity-less Battle Room, where the young soldiers are trained. Some on Twitter have been wondering whether the trailer is actually too revealing—spoiler-y even—but you have to have a pretty good knowledge of the book for the offending scenes to make a big difference. In fact, the trailer leaves out a lot of the more emotional aspects of the book—save for that moment with Abigail Breslin, who plays the title character's sister—in favor of sleek action scenes. There are even a couple of Inception-like noises. That makes sense. The film is opening in the thick of holiday movie season, November 1, and even has a viral marketing campaign to try to further hook in its audience, some of whom might be interested in the second Hunger Games installment opening just a few weeks later.  

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