Dane Cook Can Even Find Ways to Make You Hate Him at a Boston Charity Show

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Dane Cook, douchejoke stealer, and the world's worst successful comedian, gave the world yet another reason to hate him last night by refusing to let the world watch his set at a "Boston Strong" benefit concert. You know, lest anyone steal his bad new jokes.

After the show, Cook, a Cambridge native, took to his 3 million-plus followers on Twitter:

The concert was not broadcast on television, but viewers could watch it on a livestream, which had some problems of its own. (Audio was better, according to Boston.com.) Except, of course, nobody could watch Dane Cook. He's been retweeting some of the compliments he received on his set, but that doesn't mitigate the angry tweets charging him with, you know, extreme selfishness.

Even admitted former fans have rejected Cook over this latest bit of snobbery. One woman who was at the concert — at TD Garden, with sets by Aerosmith, James Taylor, and other comics — decided to share his material regardless: "Since everyone missed it on the blocked feed, Dane Cook's set was about poop emojiis&hooking up with a girl who was 1 when he graduated HS," she wrote. "Whoops, sorry, Dane Cook, I guess I just ruined your new material by sharing it. Too bad, too sad." 

Comedian Lenny Clarke, who also performed at the concert, lambasted Cook on the Dennis & Callahan Morning Show on WEEI. One of the hosts mentioned that the number to call to donate was gone during Cook's routine. In response to Cook's tweet, Clarke said: "That is one of the meanest, stupidest... Why he would do something like that is beyond me. Jesus Christ."  

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