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Someone must have told The CW that teens like fantasy and sci-fi, because the fifth network's new shows, which they unveiled Thursday morning at the final presentation from the lower channels at TV upfronts week, are decidedly out of this world. We've got romance between humans and aliens, X-Men-like superheroes, and a tale about a young Mary Queen of Scots. We were on hand at the New York City Center with the all the details, and perhaps the first glimpse of your newest guilty pleasure. Scroll down below — under our interactive now-and-then schedule — for key updates and first-look video clips. 


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  8:00 p 8:30 p 9:00 p 9:30 p 10:00 p 10:30 p
Monday Hart of Dixie Beauty and the Beast
Tuesday The Originals Supernatural
Wednesday Arrow The Tomorrow People
Thursday The Vampire Diaries Reign
Friday The Carrie Diaries America's Next Top Model


The Presentation

12:15 And that's it!

12:03 We're onto a press conference following the presentation. In response to a question about whether shows need to be high concept, as their new offerings are, CW President Mark Pedowitz explained: "You have to make noise and it's very hard to make noise with a bunch of smaller, softer shows." 

11:47 The casts are out onstage and our bracelets are blinking again. 

11:39 Another futuristic show! The 100. It's about a prisoners in a post-apocalyptic space colony that are sent back to Earth to test the environment. (Said prisoners are also pretty.) Earth seems pretty good, but, evidently, "the 100" aren't alone. Grey's Anatomy's Isaiah Washington is on this show, apparently having redeemed himself

11:34 Onto midseason. First up is Star-Crossed, about an alien-human romance. The aliens, who are very pretty, have been quarantined, but are now being integrated into a high school. The acting in this one looks particularly wooden. 

11:31 The network is launching CW Seed, their new digital channel with original series and interactive opportunities. 

11:29 The network's president promises that The Carrie Diaries will feature the story of how Carrie and Samantha become friends. 

11:28 The star just came out in full queen regalia. 

11:24 Next up we have the Mary Queen of Scots drama: Reign. Basically, this is the CW's attempt at something like The Borgias or The Tudors. But people also have visions in this show and there are mean girls a lá Mean Girls

11:22 Stephen and Robbie Amell star in Arrow and The Tomorrow People. They are cousins and they are both in shows on Wednesday night. The CW's new motto? Keeping it in the family. 

11:16 Now The Tomorrow People about a teenager (who looks about 30) who learns he has superpowers and is one of the so-called Tomorrow People: "the next step in human evolution." "Teleporting in your sleep is just the beginning," apparently. The government is hunting said Tomorrow People and our hero has connection to both sides of the fight. Mad Men fans take note: Jane Sterling is in this. (Update: During the press conference we learned that this is actually a concept that's been revived multiple times.)

11:10 First up The Originals, the Vampire Diaries spinoff. There are vampires, witches, sidelong glances, and of course pretty people. It takes place in New Orleans. 

11:08 Don't forget! The CW is reviving Whose Line is It Anyway?

11:06 President Mark Pedowitz emerges with the stars of The Vampire Diaries. They are very pretty. Everyone on The CW is very pretty. 

11:02 The show starts with a performance from Icona Pop, singing their song "I Love It." People are getting up and dancing! The wrist bands they gave everyone upon entering are now blinking. 

11:00 And we're off. 

10:32 We've arrived at City Center and a sassy vioinlist is accompanying a DJ. We're kind of digging it as she rocks along to the likes of Robyn, Katy Perry and MGMT. 

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