Chelsea Clinton's Secret Job

Today in celebrity news: Chelsea Clinton has been working at NYU somewhat undercover, Arnold and Maria aren't quite over, and Ashton meets the parents.

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Today in celebrity news: Chelsea Clinton has been working at NYU somewhat undercover, Arnold and Maria aren't quite over, and Ashton meets the parents.

Even the stuffy, ordered world of academia likes a little surprise now and then. And those eggheads at New York University have certainly surprised the city, nay the nation, with the news that Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former king and queen Bill and Hillary, is the co-founder and co-chair of some sort of thing called the Of Many Institute. This Institute, housed within NYU I suppose, is dedicated to "multifaith" studies, its mission to harbor, uh, multifaithism and create conversations, etc. etc. So it's a little squishy, but whatever. Though NYU's website put Clinton's bio up on their website a while back, it remained otherwise mum about the news until now. Why? Oh probably so a multifaith institute would get some press. It's a smart move. Who knows how much work this will actually involve for the busy Clinton, who already works as an assistant vice provost at the university, but it's a feather in NYU's cap and certainly good PR for Clinton. It's amazing that she's so young and she's gotten all these gigs! She must be checking Craigslist and sending out cover letters like crazy. Good for her. Gotta respect her tenacity. Page Six is careful to point out that Clinton and her banker husband recently bought "a $10.5 million luxury apartment across the street from Madison Square Park," so I guess it makes sense that Clinton is working several jobs. Mortgages don't pay themselves! Work, Chelsea, work! [Page Six]

Think Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are dunzo? Think again. The couple is not officially divorced yet, and apparently are in no hurry to do so. It may be because they've amicably decided to split their $400 million fortune and are all sorted on custody stuff, or it may be that they still kinda lurve each other and maybe they'll get back together someday. I mean, who knows! They were certainly together for a long time, and they've got all those kids. They were just at the graduation of their daughter Christina at Georgetown. The whole family was there, posing for a pic, all beaming happily. I mean, I suppose that's just what you do at college graduations, put on a happy smile as if college graduation isn't largely a terrible thing. This kid will be OK, she's got a decent bit of backing behind her, but in general college graduation is scary and kinda depressing and definitely sad, the getting older part, the what now part. But you smile at the ceremonies anyway, because that's just what you do. Look at them all! Patrick in his white suit. Had to be different, didn't you, buddy. And had to go and insult the school while you were there. Tsk tsk. But hey, it's nice all the kids went. Anyway. What were we talking about? [TMZ]

Mila Kunis took her parents to dinner and a show in London this weekend, and introduced them to her current main squeeze Ashton Kutcher. Which. Wait. They were on That '70s Show together for like ten years. He never met her parents before this? That seems sort of strange, right? Like her parents never came by the set or anything? I guess my parents don't come to my office and meet my coworkers, but that's a different kind of work. I just find it odd that in fifteen years of knowing each other, Ashton Kutcher had supposedly never met Mila Kunis's parents until this weekend. What's wrong with you guys? Meet each other's parents! You've known each other longer than 9th graders have been alive! Ridiculous. Oh and check out the restaurant they ate at, Duck & Waffle. I mean look. That's the most important thing about this story. [Page Six]

Here are some funny photos of Megan Fox filming the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Well, they are not funny because of her, they are funny because of her costar, who is in a ridiculous turtle-y costume that of course won't end up being what we see on screen, because of computers, but for the purposes of filming, yup. That's what he, a grown man, has to act in, and what she, a grown woman, has to act with. That turtle thing. Moviemaking looks a little ridiculous in the computer age, doesn't it? There's a whole blog about that fact! But these pictures are especially funny. Look at that silly hunk in his turtle suit. Why are they making this movie again? [Daily Mail]

Paris Hilton went to France and made out with her Ibizan model boyfriend, River Viiperi, for all to see. Though, in her defense, if you traveled to the South of France with your 21-year-old Ibizan model boyfriend named River and he wanted to make out, wouldn't you want everyone to see? I feel like that's only natural. What's the point of being in your 30s and having a 21-year-old Spanish model boyfriend if you don't show off the fact that you're in your 30s and have a 21-year-old Andalusian hunk friend? Good for Paris, is what I'm saying. I mean, why not? [Us Weekly]

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