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Arrested Development Day is fast approaching, and, aside from their structure, we still don't know much about Netflix's 15 new episodes. But a new interview with the show's set decorator—and photos from the scene—published in House Beautiful today give us some tiny spoilers. Perfect for over-analysis. 

Set decorator Jennifer Lukehart clearly had her work cut out for her, not only trying to recreate decade-old sets for the return of the show—but also finding ways to work inside jokes into the background, for full superfan satisfaction. One example she gives includes a seal sculpture in Lucille Austero's apartment—a nod to the joke that's a confusion between the name "Lucille" and "loose seal." (Buster Bluth lost his hand in a seal attack.) But aside from cool reminders like these, her House Beautiful interview also gives us a bit of actual catch-up information ahead of Sunday's big reveal, like the fact that George Michael has a map on his dorm room wall and that Lindsay and Tobias "were somehow approved for a home loan for a very large house" before the financial collapse. Of course it's unfurnished, since they run out of money. 

The set photos, however, also yield some interesting (albeit vague) details. One, for instance, is labeled: "Spain Apartment." Who goes to Spain? And who wants to live—in the words of Lukehart—with an "eclectic bohemian vibe"? G.O.B.? Tobias? None of the above? 

We're also treated to an image of the bedroom of somebody named "Rebel." There are guest stars a-plenty, so we bet Rebel's someone famous. Maybe Isla Fisher? Or not. Who knows?


We also get the sitting room of the Ealing Club, "a private members-only club, kind of like the Soho House," which does sound like someplace the Bluths would have frequented in more financially stable times. 

And finally, someplace a little familiar. Here's Lucille Austero's apartment. "Nothing had been saved" from the original series, Lukehart explained, so she had to rebuild it. 

So there you go. There are more photos over at House Beautiful Less than five days and counting, people.

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