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As American Idol struggles to reverse its inglorious downfall, the producers are bound to come up with some wacky plans. They've fired all the expensive judges from this year, and now the latest wacky plan is to hire former contestants to judge the competition. This is but a rumor right now, but it could become fact.

Vulture says that Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson have already been approached, which I can't imagine went well. "Hey, want to spend your entire winter and spring listening to a bunch of jerks sing? Oh, and you'll have to take a ton of trips this summer to places like Salt Lake City and Omaha?" I hope Jennifer Hudson's answer was, "Let me go get my Oscar so I can hit you with it." Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert are apparently also on the wish list, and I'd think they are more realistic candidates. Still, I'm not sure what this would really accomplish.

As I've said before, I really don't think the judges are the problem. The show's ratings are tanking because it's an old show and no one spectacular has won in eight years. I'm sure the judges have some small role in attracting viewers, but I can't imagine it's that significant. And really, old contestants? It's a nice, sentimental idea, but who's going to get excited for that? Only the show's diehard base and, well, they're already watching the show. I guess if they managed to get Kelly, Carrie Underwood, and Hudson, then people might find it worth tuning in to, but if it's Jordin Sparks and Kris Allen, I'm not sure that's gonna do it. Really, Fox should accept the natural death of a show that had a long and fabulous life and let Idol die gracefully, but that's not what TV networks typically do, is it?

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