'American Horror Story' Gets Another Witch

Today in show business news: Emma Roberts has joined the Ryan Murphy family, CBS hires a Bad Teacher, and a glimpse of the next Vince Vaughn movie.

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Today in show business news: Emma Roberts has joined the Ryan Murphy family, CBS hires a Bad Teacher, and a glimpse of the next Vince Vaughn movie.

I guess Emma Roberts figured that if her boyfriend Evan Peters is on American Horror Story, she should be too. And so the actress, freed up after her CW pilot about love being illegal (srsly) was not picked up (shockingly), will appear in the anthology series' third installment, the one called "Coven." So it's about witches. Roberts will play "a self-involved party girl named Madison," which doesn't tell us anything about whether she's a witch or just a... not-nice young woman. She's joining a pretty impressive cast, which includes Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy, Angela Bassett, Patti LuPone and Gabourey Sidibe. Star-studded, this one. But Emma Roberts doesn't care about all that. She's just glad to be going to work with her boyfriend. It saves on gas. Y'know, taking one car. It's sensible. I don't know what Ryan Murphy is thinking, though. I'd assumed he wanted Peters all to himself. I mean, wouldn't you? [Deadline]

Ari Graynor is headed to television. The indie comedy staple's CBS pilot Bad Teacher, based on the movie with Cam'ron D, has been picked up for midseason. So that's bittersweet. Because, she's likable and good, but CBS sitcoms are so rarely either of those things. Does that mean Bad Teacher is bad? Let's hope not, because there are other good people involved too, like Sara Gilbert (girl, get out of The Talk!), Kristin Davis, David Alan Grier, and Ryan Hansen. That's a solid cast, Graynor is a solid lead, and I guess Bad Teacher was solid? I don't know. I didn't see it. I can't bring myself to watch Justin Timberlake try to be funny anymore. It's gotten to be too much. But people seemed to like it, right? So I wish them all luck. [Entertainment Weekly]

Speaking of CBS, they've just secured broadcast rights to the Tony Awards through 2018. See, now that's how you stay on top. You can't go futzing around with silly little passion projects, you have to stick with the big guns, with the heavy hitters. And nothing shoots bigger or hits heavier than theater awards. Man does America love them some theater awards. Everyone's always betting on the Obies, fights breaking out over the Drama Desk nominations. Growing up in Boston, a hardcore fan town, Elliot Norton season is a crazy time, what with the Nortons/IRNEs rivalry and all. And then of course there's the Tonys, the hugest night of the year across the nation. So that's why CBS is sticking with them for at least five more years. That's how it's done, NBC. Forget about Sunday Night Football and go get the rights to the Helen Hayes Awards. [Deadline]

Logan Marshall-Green, from Prometheus but obviously The O.C. too, has been cast as the lead on the new Cinemax show Quarry. He'll play a big rocky hole full of water. NOPE, just a joke, a very sophisticated joke. He's going to play a sniper or something. This could be good for him! Cinemax shows are surprisingly entertaining, and this one is based on a book and set in the past, like all the classy shows these days. John Hillcoat is directing, which isn't necessarily a good thing (see: Lawless — wait no, never see Lawless) but he's at least something of a name director. Yup, this could be something good for old Trey Atwood. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Here's a teaser trailer for Delivery Man, about a guy (Vince Vaughn) who finds out that he's fathered over 500 children through sperm donation. Wacky things ensue, I'm told. This used to be called Starbuck, like the Quebecois movie it's based on, but that title wouldn't really play, not in this coffee-mad, BSG-geeking country of ours. Weird fact: The guy who directed the French version also directed this one. Doesn't that sound boring? I mean, who is he, Michael Haneke? Make a different movie, man.

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