Adam Levine Is Sorry for Hating This Country

Today in celebrity news: Adam Levine loves America, Justin Bieber needs to not own cars anymore, and Cameron Diaz is dating Elon Musk, apparently.

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Everyone was super upset yesterday after Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine was caught on mic saying "I hate this country" after a disappointing elimination on The Voice on Tuesday night, but he's now apologized. Or explained, at least. He gave Us Weekly a statement, saying "I obviously love my country very much and my comments last night were made purely out of frustration." Yes, frustration over The Voice. He just cares too much, is the problem. So this is forgivable. It was a figure of speech, not an indictment of the good ol' US of A. Levine then went on to further explain his love of America, saying "It's like my band, Maroon 5. Clearly we are named after the flag's famous five maroon stars," prompting some to wonder if Adam Levine knows what country he's in. [Us Weekly]

Oh for heaven's sake. One of Justin Bieber's cars was pulled over for speeding yesterday, but don't worry, it wasn't Justin driving. No, it was his friend Lil' Twist, the same friend who was pulled over for speeding that time the paparazzo was hit by a car and killed while trying to get photos of what he thought was Bieber being pulled over. Basically Lil' Twist drives Justin's cars a lot and sometimes gets pulled over. Because Justin Bieber and his friends are dumb idiots. They're all dumb idiots! Every single one of them, from Lil' Twist to King Kevi to Jaden Smith. And of course Justin himself. They're all dumb idiots with too much money and too many fancy cars and they should all be sent to boarding school. Or the Peace Corps or something. Because this is too much. All these fancy car shenanigans. It's embarrassing. Who raised these boys? I mean really. [TMZ]

Ha. Cameron Diaz is apparently dating Tesla Motors CEO/kook Elon Musk? That seems like a match made in... somewhere. I don't know where that match is made. I guess it's made in Los Angeles, where Musk has been frequently traveling to hang out with the actress, who owns one of Tesla's electric sports cars. So does this mean that Cameron Diaz might be going to space soon? Oh, yeah, Elon Musk has his eyes on space just like Richard Branson does. So there could be warring celebrity space missions! Leo DiCaprio and his auction dates and Kate Winslet are on one doomed ship, while Cameron Diaz is strapped into the other one. Which one will disastrously explode in space first?? Tune into the terrible future to find out. Man, I really hope that Elon Musk makes Cameron Diaz his space bride. It would just be a good ending to the Cameron Diaz story, don't you think? [Page Six]

Duchess Kate of Cambridge's mother saved a dog the other day. Yeah, Mrs. Middleton was driving in her car back to her party supply factory or wherever she was going and she saw a dog in the road. So she stopped and looked at its collar and saw that it lived nearby and she took it back to the grateful owners. One of the owners is named Basia Hamilton, who is said to be a "royal portrait artist." So it's all connected! Is everyone in England related in some way to the royals? Is that how it works over there? I haven't been to the UK since high school, so I'm just not really sure. I'd like to think that it's like a small castle town in a fairy tale where everyone has some connection to the king and queen, the prince and princess, whoever. I'm choosing to think of England that way. So it's totally normal that the future queen's mother saw a dog in the road and it ended up belonging to a royal portrait artist. Just another day in sunny little Englandtowne. [People]

Oh dear. Mark Hamill, forever known as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films but also notable for wonderfully voicing the Joker on the wonderful Batman: The Animated Series, was caught picking cigarette butts out of a public ashtray and smoking them in his BMW. :( Then he went to a place called Smash Burger and got a burger. That was Mark Hamill's afternoon, recently. That's what Mark Hamill, lord of a distant galaxy, spent his time doing in Los Angeles not too long ago. That's life for you, I guess. [Daily Mail]

Here is an annoying picture of Justin Timberlake showing Barack Obama something on his cellphone. It's not annoying because of the cellphone or because of Barack Obama. It's annoying because why is Justin Timberlake meeting with the president? What does Justin Timberlake have to say or do about anything? This whole Justin Timberlake thing needs to end, guys. I'm not saying I want him to blow up in space with his ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz, but I wouldn't mind it if he was sent on a long space mission to Mars, to be the planet's Coolness Ambassador or whatever. Because the guy is just doing too much. We've given Justin Timberlake far more than Justin Timberlake should get and we need to correct that. Giving him the huge space mission would be a big honor, yes, but it would also be a convenient way of getting Justin Timberlake and that smug face of his off our planet for a while. Bon voyage, JT! Don't forget your space suit and tie. (Get it, like the song?) [TMZ]

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