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The aftermath of Boston may make for a somewhat awkward Saturday night, but the week of the White House Correspondents' Dinner is upon us, and invite details are back again. Time, which may be struggling internally but did manage to pull George Clooney last year, may have the glitziest table at "nerd prom" once again. The newsweekly, along with their Time Inc. brothers in arms at Fortune, has landed a movie-sports-TV trifecta for its celebrity guests, reports The Wrap: Steven Spielberg (he of Washington's favorite movie of the last year) will be there with his fellow Dreamworks honcho, Jeffrey Katzenberg; Julia Louis-Dreyfus (star of the most spot-on Washington show of the moment) will join them with her husband; and Gabby Douglas (the administration's No. 1 gymnast) will be there, too, even though the 17-year-old gold medalist should probably be at her own prom

CBS has also updated its guest list and let everyone know that Clairs Danes and Daniel Dae Kim will be joining them. Here's our updated, interactive seating chart: 

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