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It's that time of year again, when the days last a little longer, when cherry blossoms are blossoming, and Washington D.C. is giddily preparing itself for the most celebrities it will host all year. Yes, it's time for the White House Correspondents' Dinner — you know, the Nerd Prom. And, yes, guest lists are beginning to circulate, with political media outlets excitedly announcing those people, famous and less so, with whom they will be sharing the same oxygen at a night of parties and then — at their table, at their invitation — at the dinner itself on Saturday, April 27.

Conan O'Brien will be hosting the festivities, and while many will soon ask whether he can bring back the Colbertian oomph while actually making Leno cringe, there are much, much more important questions right now: What will Chris Christie and Shaq talk about? What will Jon Bon Jovi and bring to that very important conversation at Arianna Huffington's table? And why the hell aren't George Clooney and Ben Affleck showing up this year?

All of the invite news can be a confusing batch of pomp and absurdity — USA Today announced their guest list last night, Women's Wear Daily's Erik Maza spilled the beans, and The Hollywood Reporter already got the ball rolling — so we'll be updating this handy, interactive, and officially unofficial seating chart until that grandest of evenings is finally upon us. Explore away by clicking the arrows below (left-leaning politicians are in blue, right leaning in red, celebrities in black, PR people in pink, and media executives in green), but note that table configurations and exact table settings are guesstimates; outlet-celeb pairings are most certainly not....

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