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It was easy to forget he was gone, but Wesley Snipes has been in a Pennsylvania jail since December 2010 for failing to file his tax returns. And now he's free! Sort of. He's confined to house arrest until July 19. And just in case he's reading this: being under house arrest DOES NOT get you out of filing your taxes. Get on it!

Snipes was actually released on Tuesday, April 2, but it took this long for TMZ to realize it. CNN reports that he is now in a "supervised residential location in New York," to which H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt are no doubt locked in a head-to-head race at this very moment, each hoping to be the first to offer him a sweet pitchman gig.

Should Snipes find he has some extra time on his hands after filing his 2012 taxes (WHICH HE SHOULD DO RIGHT NOW), he may want to check out this interview with Survivor winner Richard Hatch. It's a nice primer on what not to do after being convicted of tax evasion.

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