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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where it's been a while. Let's get reacquainted, shall we?

1. Oblivion (Universal): $38.2 million in 3,783 theaters

Hello again, The Box Office Report is back after a brief hiatus last week. With everything else going on in the news, we could use a little break to riff about movies for a minute. Tom Cruise's heavily promoted, pretty post-apocalyptic mess finally opened this week. And it opened on top. The trailers have been in heavy rotation on any and every television broadcast over the last three weeks, and it felt like it played in front of every movie your intrepid blogger saw in the theater since December, at least. Some prognosticators think Oblivion could be Cruise's first non-Mission Impossible sequel $100 million earner since 2006. We'll have to see if it can hold up after Pain & Gain's opening next weekend, and the looming juggernaut Iron Man 3 that's two weeks away. 

2. 42 (Warner): $18 million in 3,250 theaters [Week 2]

Jackie Robinson was one of the coolest people ever. This movie should probably be seen by, like, everyone. It should be required viewing in schools. That is, if it's any good. 

3. The Croods (Fox): $9.5 million in 3,435 theaters [Week 5]

This movie has earned a bonkers $158 million so far and has already been picked up for a sequel. Hopefully the family can learn some proper which fork to use when by the time the second movie come out. It would be a real shame for them to put all that money to waste. 

4. Scary Movie 5 (Dimension): $6.3 million in 3,402 theaters [Week 2]

Isn't the fact that this is only the fifth sequel the most surprising thing about this movie? If you asked someone a month ago how many Scary Movies there were the answer would have been something along the lines of, "seven," or "ten," or "too many, go away, stop talking to me." Although technically that third answer is still right. 

5. G.I. Joe: Retaliation (Paramount): $5.8 million in 3,175 theaters [Week 4]

If the Rock is in two movies in the top five next week by some chance, we're taking that as a sign of the apocalypse. That's God saying, "Yup, we're done here. It's time to move to Mars." Someone build a space ship, please? 

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