Updated: Does Sofia Vergara Have a Cameo That Ruins 'Iron Man 3'?

Reviews are starting to come in for Iron Man 3, and they are predominantly good. Still, according to one of the reviews, one cameo — by an ABC sitcom star — nearly ruins the whole thing. Who could it be?

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Update: Our Richard Lawson has seen the film and reports back that our instincts were wrong. We'll let you go to the movie to figure this one out. It's obscure. 

Original Post: Reviews are starting to come in for Iron Man 3, and they are predominantly good. Despite the dark trailers, Robert Downey Jr.'s hero apparently hasn't entirely lost his sense of humor. Still, according to Oliver Lyttleton's review at Indiewire's The Playlist, one cameo nearly ruins the whole thing:

For every truly funny moment (and there are some big belly laughs here), there's a scene with some rather forced banter, or a gag that never goes off -- a cameo from the star of an ABC sitcom that nearly stops the film dead in its tracks being the biggest offender. 

So who could this mystery "ABC sitcom" star be? Looking at ABC's current slate of shows we can narrow it down a bit. Happy Endings? Too on the brink of extinction. How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life)? Too new. The Neighbors? Too hated. Malibu Country? Oh God, not Reba. Last Man Standing? Does Tim Allen show up as Buzz Lightyear? Modern Family? Ah! Well, that seems right.

But if our instincts are right and it is Modern Family that provides the actor for this apparently dreadful cameo, which actor could it be? A few of us at The Atlantic Wire have the hunch that it could be heavily-accented sexy lady Sofía Vergara. Other plausible possibilities might include Ty Burrell, who plays dopey dad Phil Dunphy, or Eric Stonestreet, best known as the flamboyant Cam.

While it doesn't seem that this "ABC sitcom" star does much damage to the film—perhaps Lyttleton is exaggerating?—we can't wait to find out who provides this maybe-atrocious cameo.

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