Sean Parker's $9 Million Wedding Set

Today in celebrity news: A Facebook billionaire is having a silly wedding, Matt Damon renews his vows, and Aubrey Plaza does something embarrassing at the MTV Movie Awards. 

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Today in celebrity news: A Facebook billionaire is having a silly wedding, Matt Damon renews his vows, and Aubrey Plaza does something embarrassing at the MTV Movie Awards. 

Napster and Facebook billionaire Sean Parker, who's had some less-than-successful business adventures recently, is still wealthy enough to throw himself quite an extravagant wedding. We already know that he hired the costume designer of The Lord of the Rings to design wedding outfits for his guests, though he claims it's not some silly medieval theme or anything. They're "modern suits and dresses with some elements of victorian flair and whimsy." That's all! But now we hear that Parker has paid som $9 million for a landscape company to build what amounts to a set at the Big Sur resort where the June wedding is to take place. Yes, $9 million — well, OK, $8.6 million — for "fake ruins, waterfalls, bridges, ponds and a gated cottage in the resort's surrounding forest." And then it's all going to be taken down when it's over. So the wedding outfits aren't costumes, and I guess this isn't a set? It's just... an environment? I wish Parker would just come clean and admit that he's basically throwing a wedding play. With a set and costumes and probably some lighting design. Either that or it's a really elaborate LARPing wedding. Either way, it's pretty serious business. I mean, we're talking a "$600,000 gate" that guests will walk through. How grand they'll feel in their costumes, entering this fanciful world! Oh isn't it fun when nerds get a lot of money? [TMZ]

Speaking of nuptials, Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barrosso reviewed their vows in front of about 50 guests at a tony resort on St. Lucia this weekend. The couple paid a six-figure amount to rent the place out for the weekend, and on Saturday had a brief cermony, Damon in a "tan-colored suit and flip-flops" and Luciana and her daughters in "cream-colored" dresses. After the ceremony they had a beach cocktail party, everyone in their regular clothes, no expensive costumes or anything. Among the guests were Ben Affleck and his wife Jennifer Garner, plus probably some of Luciana's old friends from Miami who, even years later, can't f--king believe any of this happened. [Us Weekly]

The prestigious MTV Movie Awards aired last night and something embarrassing happened. Well, it was the MTV Movie Awards so lots of embarrassing stuff happened, but there was one particularly embarrassing thing. While accepting his Comedic Genius Award, Will Ferrell was awkwardly interrupted by Parks and Recreation actress Aubrey Plaza, who ran up on stage holding a drink and wordlessly tried to wrestle the popcorn trophy from Ferrell's hands. Normally we'd all assume this was staged, but apparently it was uncomfortable enough to register as painfully unplanned. I say "apparently" because I have not watched the video and will not watch it. I can't watch stuff like that. I've barely seen the Kanye/Taylor Swift thing. It's just too terrible. But yeah, supposedly this Aubrey Plaza incident was quite real and quite horrible, with Plaza, who had the name of her new movie written on her chest, just kind skulking off stage after an awkward minute or two and sitting back down. To make matters worse, it seems that she was asked to leave the show a little while later. Yikes. I'd have to guess it all went better in her head. [Daily Mail]

The original Kanye West-er, Kanye West, is currently in Paris working on a new album and a fashion line, leaving pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian all by her lonesome in Los Angeles. The rumor is that Kanye likes Paris so much he wants to move there, which Kim is reportedly considering. She might even give birth to the kid in Paris. Would that make it a French citizen? Because that would be cool, to have dual citizenship. Two passports! You probably need at least two passports if you're Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's kid. So I think that's a good idea. Sure, have the baby in Paris. And hey, they have stricter paparazzi laws there, don't they? So it'd probably be better for the kid than Los Angeles would. Though I'm note entirely sure that the point of this whole thing is to avoid press attention. I mean, it is a Kardashian we're talking about after all. Bonne chance, kid. [Page Six]

Oh dear. Ian Ziering, better known as Steve Sanders from Beverly Hills 90210 (original formula), will soon be a Chippendale's dancer. Not like as a regular gig, but as a special, uh, celebrity appearance. He joins a distinguished list of past Chippendale's guests, men like Joey Lawrence, Jake "Dead Eyes" Pavelka from The Bachelor, and Jeff from 98 Degrees. So if you are in Las Vegas and go to see the show, see if you can spot Gabrielle Carteris sitting in the back, wearing a disguise and breathing heavily. [TMZ]

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, was spotted in the small market town of Holt, Norfolk this weekend, browsing an antiques store. She was likely looking to furnish either her new country home, which is nearby, or her new apartment in London, at Kensington Palace. So really she's just like anyone you'd see at Brooklyn Flea or something on a Saturday afternoon, except she was looking for things for her London palace and her country estate, as opposed to a small one bedroom walk-up in Clinton Hill. Other than that, completely the same. [People]

Georgina Chapman and husband Harvey Weinstein welcomed a baby boy into the world last Thursday, the couple's second child, and Weinstein's fifth. And it's his first boy! He finally has an heir! I'm sure Weinstein can't wait to take his son out to the backyard and teach him how to throw a ball, how to swing a bat, and how to systematically destroy the careers of those who cross him. And of course he'll start training the kid in Oscar campaigning starting in September. What an exciting time! [Page Six]

Justin Bieber had two Playboy bunnies on his tour bus this weekend. They're not from the magazine, they work at one of the Playboy Clubs in Germany, but still. Two Bunnies, in the traditional costumes, were seen being escorted onto his bus this weekend. They were only there for an hour, though, so who really knows what happened. We do know that the next morning, one of the bunnies was seen at Justin's hotel, which is about 200 miles away from where they'd hung out the night before. So maybe there is a love connection? Or maybe she left her ears on the bus and had to get them back? Who knows. But I'm sure whatever was going on, it was perfectly innocent. [Daily Mail]

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