Ryan Murphy Wants to Get Sexy

Today in show business news: Ryan Murphy is selling a show about sex, Barbra Streisand wants to direct again, and a first glimpse at the new Carrie movie is not promising.

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Today in show business news: Ryan Murphy is selling a show about sex, Barbra Streisand wants to direct again, and a first glimpse at the new Carrie movie is not promising.

Prolific television creator Ryan Murphy — he of Glee, The New Normal, and American Horror Story; all currently on the air — is shopping around a "racy new project" about sex and sexuality and the ancient and sacred art of doin' it. It's called Open (ew, Ryan, ew) and is described as "a modern, provocative exploration of human sexuality and relationships." Aha. Naturally, Murphy is peddling this primarily to premium cable networks, so he can show naughty bits and say naughty things, though basic cable is also in the mix. Might this be something interesting? Hard (heh) to say. Ryan Murphy is kind of a mess, starting strong but then seemingly getting bored or distracted and mussing everything up irreparably. Plus remember that show with Ally Walker and Sonya Walger, Tell Me You Love Me? That was a modern, provocative exploration of human sexuality and relationships too, and man was that a snoozer. So who really knows. But, I'm certainly curious. I mean, what does Ryan Murphy's idea of sex — of the real, non-candy-colored teen or horror rape dungeon varietal — look like? That's something I'd like to see. [Deadline]

Barbra Streisand, the Barbra, has plans to direct another movie. It's called The Mirror Has Two Faces 2: Now It Has Four Faces. Nope, that's not what it's called. It actually doesn't have a title, but it's about the photographer Margaret Bourke-White and her husband, the writer Erskine Caldwell. The two collaborated on pioneering works of photojournalism while having a contentious relationship at home. That sounds like something Babs could be good at. I mean, is there anything that Babs isn't good at? Other than Seth Rogen comedies, I mean? And I don't really even know that she wasn't good at that! I never saw that movie! So who knows. Maybe she was great and she'll be great at this and that'll be that. Seems likely, doesn't it? [Deadline]

Well, it's a slow entertainment news day separate of the big obvious sad news, so here is a photo from next week's season finale of The Carrie Diaries (gone so soon!) of tiptoeing-out-of-the-closet Walt kissing a love interest, a boy, on the streets of Manhattan. Or a street of Manhattan. It's just the one street. Well done, Walt! Hopefully his gay adventures will continue next season, though the future is not exactly looking promising for the show. Which is a shame. It's a cute show. Way better than anything on, say, ABC Family. But no one gave it a shot. Oh well. We ultimately know how the story ends, don't we. [Entertainment Weekly]

Speaking of Carrie-related things, here is a teaser for a teaser (ugh, enough) of the new Carrie. You know this disaster, the one starring Julianne Moore and Chloe Grace Moretz. And of the many things wrong in this brief series of clips is the point where, arghhh, a sly smile crosses Carrie's face. No! No! No! Absolutely not. There is nothing sly or coy or anything like that about Carrie White. Because if there is, then she is just a straight-up calculating murderer at the end of the movie instead of a supernatural being gone out of control post-trauma. If Carrie smiles slyly or coyly then that means she relishes in her powers and Carrie is not supposed to do that. I don't care if that little bit is taken out of context, whatever the context is, even if it's a dream, it is wrong wrong wrong. Absolutely not, Carrie movie. Do not pass Go. Do not collect my $13.

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