The Royals Admire Each Other's Big Wands

Today in celebrity news: Harry and Kate and William have a grand day out with Harry Potter, Gwyneth's crazy dress created some problems, and Amanda Bynes has done something again.

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Today in celebrity news: Harry and Kate and William have a grand day out with Harry Potter, Gwyneth's crazy dress created some problems, and Amanda Bynes has done something again.

Who said that the English aristocracy is always stuffy and boring? The new young royals are proving that wrong every day. Why, just recently Princes Harry and William and the striking Duchess Kate traveled to Warner Bros. Studios Levensdon, the studio's complex near London, to take the new Making of Harry Potter tour with a group of children and make silly jokes. Yeah, this is a good paragraph. Just look at this paragraph:

As Kate (who also had a wand, and wore a cream-colored dress with black spots from TopShop) and William giggled, they were given some "spell techniques' by tour guide Scott Heron, then asked to face a group of children called "Dumbledore's Army" – to whom William bellowed, "Expelliarmos!"

I mean how about that, huh? That is modern royalty for you. William was also quite excited about seeing gear from the Dark Knight trilogy, jokingly (I think?) asking if the Batmobile could be fitted for a baby seat. He also teased his brother Harry, saying, "I haven't told him yet that Harry Potter is fictional, so please keep the secret for a little longer." Haha, that's cute. Isn't that cute? Brothers, princes!, teasing each other. Oh, and there are pictures. And in one of them in particular, like in several other pictures of the two, Kate and Harry seem... pretty happy with each other! I'm not suggesting anything! I'm just saying that it's sort of a mean, fun little thing to think about. "Me? A cuckold? With him, that shiftless layabout? Father can't know about this. No one can know. Say nothing. [He pauses, something suddenly dawns on him, he turns to her, speaks quietly] Is it mine? IS IT EVEN MINE??" Isn't that dramatic?? I'd watch that movie. Yessir, I would definitely watch that. Chris Hemsworth as Harry (sure, why not) and then who cares as everyone else. Accio movie! [People]

Gwyneth Paltrow's now famous dress was quite the drama, it seems. She's on Ellen today and apparently will tell a story about how when she was getting dressed there was a bit of a panic because the dress didn't allow for the wearing of underpants and when she put it on... "Well, let's just say everyone went scrambling for a razor," is what she told Ellen. Yikes! I guess Gwyneth Paltrow, though she is the most beautiful woman in the world, is still a human lady, with human problems, human woes, human embarrassments just like the rest of us. I mean, the rest of us don't have to worry about unsightly hairs visible through the sheer sides of an underpantsless gown while at an action movie premiere, so I guess that's a little different. But otherwise! She's just like us. Sorta. Gwyneth went on to tell Ellen, "It's so funny because I didn't think I could grow hair anymore! They say that after the third year of eating a non-molecular diet that your body starts entering another dimension and your hair goes first, but I guess not!" [Us Weekly]

Spring Breakers starlet Vanessa Hudgens was out in Los Angeles for a SKYY vodka party (celebrating the new SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape — sounds delicious! Except terrible!) at that place Greystone Manor (ugh) and she got hungry so she ordered sushi from Nobu and had a staff member go pick it up for her. Who really cares about this story, but I just think it's funny how L.A. a story this is. Vanessa Hudgens at a nightclub party for a new flavored vodka had an employee go pick up a sushi order from Nobu. Is there a more L.A. thing than that? I guess maybe if they all went to Urth the next morning. I mean, Hudgens met her boyfriend Austin Butler (from The Carrie Diaries) at Bagatelle for dinner afterward, which I guess feels pretty L.A. on its own, but maybe if they'd all gone to Pink Taco instead it would just be a little more quintessential. Ah well. It's pretty good as is. [Page Six]

If anyone is still hot on the "young woman with obvious mental problems having a long, terrible public breakdown" beat, Amanda Bynes has shaved half of her head. Yeah, you know how some people are doing that these days. She's one of them. Like Miley Cyrus before her. It's platinum blonde and looks sorta futuristic but also it's poor Amanda Bynes so it looks a little sad too. I mean where is this story gonna end, guys? Are we sure we want to follow it so closely? Because it might end super bad and then we're right there. Like live coverage of car chases. Remember that one that Fox News was following and then the guy... It could be awful, is what I'm saying. And yet we're all hungry for more. Maybe we should channel some of that energy to go find her and persuade her to move to the country for a little while and get off the Internet and just cool out. That would probably be time better spent. Or not. Who knows. Look, she shaved half her head! What a thing! [Us Weekly]

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