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Today in show business news: Rachel McAdams may have a role in the bizarre-sounding new Cameron Crowe film, Patricia Arquette washes up on theĀ Boardwalk, and a look at a new potential indie sensation.

Rachel McAdams is "in talks" to join the new Cameron Crowe film, which already stars Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone. McAdams would play Cooper's ex-girlfriend in the romantic comedy, which is described as such: "a defense contractor (Cooper) who is overseeing a weapons satellite launch from Hawaii teams up with (and falls for) an Air Force pilot (Stone) to scuttle the launch. Mystical island forces and a talking computer also play a part." Wait I'm sorry, what? Did I just readĀ "Mystical island forces and a talking computer also play a part"??? What in heaven's... Cameron, I thought you were trying to save your career, not make Joe vs. the Volcano meets Six Days, Seven Nights meets Lost meets 2001 meets Top Gun meets an old soiled wig lying in a Honolulu puddle. What on earth! Maybe it's just crazy enough to be good? Maybe? I mean, those are all good actors who have signed on, right? So there must be something there...? Though, Judy Greer and Susan Sarandon and Kirsten Dunst all signed on to Elizabethtown and we all know how that went. Good grief. "Mystical island forces and a talking computer also play a part." Also. Play a part. Not mainly, but also. Just also. Woof. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Patricia Arquette has been cast on the fourth season of Boardwalk Empire in what's being called a "major recurring role." She'll play Sally Wheet, a "tough-as-nails" gal from Florida who owns a speakeasy and knows gangsters. That sounds exciting. She's joining other fourth-season newbies like Jeffrey Wright, Brian Geraghty, and Ron Livingston. Between this and her role as that hooker with a heart of somethin' on Law & Order: SVU, Patricia Arquette is still carving out a nice little career for herself, isn't she? I mean she's been trucking along for quite a while now. And she'll disappear for a year or two and you'll think, "Well...? Is that it?" And then, nope! There's an Emmy for Medium or a role on Boardwalk Empire or whatever else. Might we soon see a Beyond Rangoon 2: Back to Rangoon? Let's hope so. [Deadline]

Here's a funny cast: Stanley Tucci, Anne Heche, Cedric the Entertainer, and Jason Statham. All of them, in a movie called Heat, together. Isn't that strange? The movie is a Statham vehicle, some sort of action something about "a gambling addict and ex-mercenary working for hire in Vegas." Huh, OK. But that cast! Oh and, also in the movie? Hope Davis, Milo Ventimiglia, Michael Angarano, and Sophia Vergara. Alllll of them, one single movie. A Jason Statham action movie, no less. Stanley Tucci doing a scene with Cedric the Entertainer. Sofia Vergara and Anne Heche, doing some acting together. Hope Davis looking strangely at Jason Statham, scratching her head. Man, I cannot wait to see this movie. [Deadline]

The oddball casting just keeps on coming. Connie Britton, of Friday Night Lights fame and Nashville... something, has been cast as the girlfriend of Adam Driver, aka "Adam" from Girls, in the upcoming literary adaptation This Is Where I Leave You. That's the comic family drama that already stars Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, and Jane Fonda, and is being directed by Shawn Levy. Bateman, Fey, Driver, and Corey Stoll will play siblings who've just lost their father, while Jane Fonda is of course the widowed mother. Britton plays the baby of the family's girlfriend, who is clearly too old for him. I'd be pretty excited for this movie if it wasn't for that damn Shawn Levy. I mean, how can we trust the director of Just Married and the Pepper Dennis pilot to tell us a compelling family story? I just do not know that we can. Interesting cast, though. [Entertainment Weekly]

Here is a trailer for The Way, Way Back, the recent Sundance hit that sold for $10 million after a protracted bidding war. It's written and directed by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, the guys who shared an Oscar with Alexander Payne for adapting The Descendants. It's one of those quirky coming of age tales that good actors gravitate towards because you never know when you're going to get the next Little Miss Sunshine. This movie features two of that movie's actors, Steve Carell playing a little against type as a callous jerk and Toni Collette playing exactly to type as frazzled slightly loopy mom. Sam Rockwell plays the lead kid's scrappy mentor/water park employee, AnnaSophia Robb (pick one first name and go with that, ASR) plays the love interest, and Amanda Peet, Maya Rudolph, Rob Corddry, and Allison Janney play other parts. Sounds like a quirky indie to me.

Here is a trailer for James McAvoy in Filth, a movie about a boozing, sexing, drugging, crime-ing Scottish cop, based on a novel by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh. It looks like Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call Scotland: A Comedy. If that appeals to you, have at it.

And here's a trailer for a new Morgan Freeman/Woody Harrelson/Dave Franco/Jesse Eisenberg/Michael Caine/Isla Fisher movie called Magic Thieves! Well, no, that's not what it's called, but that's what it's about. The Magician Burglars. Or, Poof!. So many title options that aren't Now You See Me, which sounds like a memoir about a girl dealing with mental issues in the late '90s. Oh well.

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