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When news broke last week that Jimmy Fallon was officially taking over The Tonight Show, beginning in Spring 2014, in New York, the question was obvious enough: Are The Roots coming along with him? And the answer is: Yes! Sort of.

In an interview with Fuse (via Okayplayer) Questlove tentatively confirmed that his band will remain the ultimate in-house band for Fallon — or at least that The Roots are "staying" with him. "Listen," he said. "The Tonight Show is coming to us. We are not going to The Tonight Show." That is, in fact, true, as NBC is moving the show to New York and building a new set for Fallon. Questlove added: "So basically, you know, it's going to be the same show." 

So that's good news for those who, like us, believe that Fallon's show would be greatly diminished without The Roots as partners in crime. But its drummer/face man was also careful not to make anything seem too definite. 

"That's a year from now," he said. "Anything can happen. So right now we're just very concerned and kind of just concentrating on still doing our thing at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." The uncertainty is slightly disappointing, but Questlove boosted our morale by saying this: "We're honored to kind of receive the baton and pass down tradition."

The interviewer asked if the plan is to stay: "Yeah, we're staying." 

Watch the full interview here: 

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