Here's President Obama Missing a Lot of Easy Jump Shots

Today in viral videos: The First Baller goes 2-for-22 at the White House Easter Egg Roll, Vampire Weekend meets Steve Buscemi, an epic sax-off, and a bulldog who is guaranteed to make your Monday. 

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President Obama was supposed to be a cool president, you know? The kind that doesn't paint dogs so much as sink jump shots like Kobe. That was not the case Monday, as he went 2-for-22 on open jumpers at the already strange White House Easter Egg Roll. North Korea's Kim Jong-un, a huge self-proclaimed basketball fan, must be excited. Hey, Mr. President, at least your bracket is still doing already:

It appears the members of Vampire Weekend are as impressed with Steve Buscemi's singing as we are with theirs:

Our cold, New Yorker hearts totally believe this saxophone-battle (sax-off?) was staged and set up. Nevertheless, we will still claim ownership and add it to our list of reasons why we're never leaving this town, ever:

And finally, this bulldog singing along to Luciano Pavarotti is pretty much something every person should come home to:

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