Prepare for a 'Star Wars' Movie Every Summer

Disney is bringing the franchise to a theater near you — again and again and again and again.

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Star Wars is coming to a theater near you—again and again and again and again. Yes, we already knew that Disney was going to be milking its ownership of Lucasfilm for all it's worth, but at the CinemaCon conference Wednesday in Las Vegas we got (much) more of a sense of how that's going to play out: Disney plans to release a Star Wars movie every single summer, starting in 2015. That's a whole lot of Star Wars, perhaps with no end in sight.

Reported by, First Showing, and Bleeding Cool, this spree of Star Wars will begin with the J.J. Abrams directed Episode VII. The following years would alternate between films in the new trilogy and standalone films. We knew those standalone films were happening—movie Yoda has own, anyone?—but, as Russ Fischer at Slashfilm writes, this is a "pretty aggressive statement" of what Disney intends to do with its new-old franchise. 

It's also unclear how long this will go on for, exactly. ComingSoon points out that: "We don't know how many standalone films they are planning on making at this time in addition to the new trilogy." 

So that's a lot of Star Wars to account for, and it leaves the studio many chances for fans to gripe about destroying a brand that's already had its fair share of beating. Perhaps we can suggest that they take some cues from Patton Oswalt's viral improvised rant about the plot of Episode VII that he filmed for an episode of Parks and Recreation. There's a Marvel crossover in that, which should please Disney, we think. 

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