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Today in show business news (yes, that's still happening, sort of!): Fox has made a terrible decision, NBC has made a great decision, and Will Ferrell is getting ready to play tag.

On top of everything else, this: Fox has renewed Glee for not one, but two more seasons. Two more seasond! Of Glee! Which ran out of storylines like three years ago! That is absolutely outrageous. What is wrong with the world these days? Just when you think things can't get worse, there's more Glee. Two more years' worth of Glee. This is just terrible. Really and truly terrible. And why did Fox do it? Probably because they make a mint off those damn songs. Ugh. Where are values? Where is reason? What has happened? All is lost. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Well, OK, maybe not all is lost. NBC has just canceled Ready for Love, the bizarre-looking matchmaking show featuring three hunks who are, well, ready for love. Yeah, it's been canceled, thank ye gods, so at least some measure of taste and decency exists in this world. It still bums me out that Tim Lopez participated in the show, though. Not that Plain White T's was some remarkable band, but come on, "Hey There Delilah" is a pretty little song. I don't care who knows it. I really like that song. Ah well. See you in hell, Ready for Love! Someday Glee will join you there. [Entertainment Weekly]

Jason Sudeikis and Rose Byrne have signed on to star in a romantic comedy called Tumbledown, which will also feature Olivia Munn, Joe Manganiello, Blythe Danner, Michael McKean and Beau Bridges. Pretty good cast if you ignore the Munn factor. The movie is about "a young widow (Byrne) who falls for a brash New York writer (Sudeikis) who barrels into her rural Maine town to investigate the death of her husband, a folk-music hero." Oh... the death of her husband. And a brash writer investigating... his death. That sounds so funny... and romantic. Huh. I guess it's an "indie." [Deadline]

Will Ferrell and Jack Black will star together in a movie called Tag Brothers based on the game tag. Yep. Well, OK, to be fair it has a plot about tag, it's not based on the actual game. It's not an action movie about people being "it." It's about two brothers who are still playing a game of tag well into their 40s. It's based on the true story of a group of childhood friends who have been consistently playing the game for years and years, with dudes flying across the country to tag people and everything. So that could be kind of cute, right? I have no problem with this. [The Wrap]

In light of recent awfulness, NBC has pulled a Hannibal episode about children who become killers. Which is the decent thing to do. The really decent thing to do would be to pull the whole unnecessarily gruesome show, but that's not gonna happen. This is a start, at least. [Deadline]

OK, that's it. Happy and safe weekend, everyone.

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