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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where we're never astounded by America's appetite for blood and guts on the big screen. 

1. Evil Dead (Sony): $26 million in 3,025 theaters

The remake of Sam Raimi's 1981 classic took the top spot this weekend, and it's not really surprising why. Every time there's a quiet weekend in the early part of the year, before the summer blockbusters and pre-summer blockbusters start rolling in regularly, a horror movie is always there to fill the void. Teens and 20-year-olds alike, when all else fails, will watch blood spatter. And, by all accounts, Evil Dead more than delivers on that promise. 

2. G.I. Joe: Retaliation (Paramount): $21.1 million in 3,734 theaters [Week 2]

My main problem with the G.I. Joe sequel was the same problem I had after The Expendables sequel: they tried to video game it up too much. There were sequences that felt more like video game cut scenes than something from a movie, and fight sequences shot to recall levels in Call of Duty or Medal of Honor. Stop doing that, Hollywood. 

3. The Croods (Fox): $21.1 million in 3,879 theaters [Week 3]

4. Jurassic Park 3D (Universal): $18.2 million in 2,771 theaters

Dinosaurs are cool. Dinosaurs in 3D are cool. If anything we're surprised this didn't make more money. What is wrong with the world when people would rather take their kids to The Croods when they could see a classic like Jurassic Park for the same price? Some people's children. 

5. Olympus Has Fallen (FilmDistrict): $14 million in 3,106 theaters [Week 3]

The other "White House goes boom" movie this year has Channing Tatum, so we can only assume it will take in three times as much money. Until then, congratulations for sticking around Olympus Has Fallen. We didn't think you had it in you. 

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