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Earlier this week, we wondered whether Baz Luhrmann's new Great Gatsby film would end up with all the gaudiness of something like Moulin Rouge... and all the tropes of your high school English class. And the (very) new trailer released today basically proves us right. Remember how Gatsby's green light was so important? No? Did you not write an entire five-page essay on that once? Well, now Florence and the Machine will sing about it to you. 

The trailer has a bunch of new footage, including a perhaps spoiler-y—if anything in The Great Gatsby can really be a spoiler—shot of Myrtle Wilson getting hit by a yellow car. We see a lot of Tom Buchanan and a lot of Gatsby flashbacks. But perhaps the trailer is most notable for featuring some of the songs off that Jay-Z produced soundtrack. We get a taste of the Beyoncé and André 3000 cover of Amy Winehouse that we'd being hearing things about. There's Lana Del Rey crooning about love. And then finally, there's Florence Welch hitting us over the head with that damn symbolism. 

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