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Fans of the Parisian DJs Daft Punk have been clammoring for days — if not years — to hear the full version of "Get Lucky," the duo's new single featuring Pharrell and Nile Rodgers. After a one-minute tease at Coachella over the weekend, fake versions have tricked fans multiple times this week — and as recently as Wednesday morning — but it appears the first single off the electronic music legends' first album in eight years has finally leaked in full. Sort of. 

The track was supposed to premiere on Friday on Studio Brussel, a major European radio station based out of Brussels. But Wednesday, SONiC 102.9, a rock station based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, premiered this version of the song, which appears to be most — if not all — of the real thing: 

The station cautioned that it's not the final version that will appear on Random Access Memories, but that it "sounds pretty damn close." The thing that's sending some music blogs into a tizzy, even though it's still premature, is that this version has parts of the songs that were not previously teased, including an almost impossible-to-fake new verse from Pharrell. "So while we're cognizant enough to do the whole 'fool me once…' thing at this point, we're gonna go ahead and say this latest leak appears to be the real version of 'Get Lucky,'" writes Idolator's Carl Williott. "There are differentiated verses (the first one isn’t heard in the SNL video teaser), a chorus and that full robot breakdown." 

No one's really sure how a semi-obscure rock station in Edmonton, of all places, could have got their hands on (most of) one of the most coveted singles in music right now, but no one seems to care, either. "If this version is fake, it's the most incredible fake leak we've ever seen—and will readily cop to being fooled by it (along with the rest of the Internet)," writes Complex's Lauren Nostro. "If it's another bootleg, this has to be the most well-done bootleg ever," says DoAndroidsDance's Kahl.

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