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We're now just about a month out from the Netflix premiere of Arrested Development, and—as our concern grows that maybe it won't meet our wildly exaggerated expectationsEntertainment Weekly is teasing us with new images from the show that, like the posters released earlier this month, seem to be relying on familiar gags from the old shows. 

EW's covers feature members of the Bluth family on their stair car.

On their Facebook, EW released a photo that shows George Michael riding a Segway, and possibly hitting on a blonde girl, just like his Uncle Gob. (Photos from the set showed that that Segway was actually labeled Gob.)

Another photo depicts Buster facing off with—or rather, facing away from—some Army men. Buster's mother signed him up for duty in the original series.

The images of favorite characters in familiar situations is exciting and yet also cause for a little bit of concern. The EW post accompanying the cover images insists we are getting something new. Star Jason Bateman tells the magazine: "When Mitch started to get his arms around how all the action could happen simultaneously and there was an ability to stop one episode, start another, and have all this crossover and braided plotting," adding: "it became clear that he was going to try to accomplish something incredibly ambitious, the kind of escalation that the audience would expect from him." It's a tune Bateman's been taking frequently in the lead up to the new episodes. At one point, he told an audience not to call it season four. 

So what is this new Arrested Development? Is it a nostalgic rehashing of bits that made us fall in love in the first place? Or is it Arrested Development like we've never seen before? It seems like it's going to be both, which might be the most disorienting choice of all.

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