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The MTV Movie Awards are this Sunday, and while you are almost definitely skipping the annual handing out of golden popcorn statues for kissing and shirtless acting—Mad Men and Game of Thrones are still happening, after all—the Oscars of absolutely nothing will, in fact, provide some moments of movie geekery and/or humor that you may want to Google once you're done contemplating Don Draper's latest existential crisis. Here are some of those things. None of them involve "catfishing."

Rebel Wilson 

Wilson, who has proved herself a hilarious sidekick in films like Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect, as well as a fantastic talk show guest, now has the task of holding down an entire awards show as host. We're inclined to have faith in Wilson, but her network promos with Channing Tatum haven't exactly been inspired. Channing Tatum is hot. Rebel Wilson is frisky. We get it.


Wilson knows this is a big test for her. She told Entertainment Weekly: "I cohosted one once — the Australian version of the Grammys, called the ARIAs — but this is, like, a whole different league. The audience is so much bigger — and so are the celebrities who come. So it's pretty cool to be attempting to host it." She'll open the show with a Pitch Perfect reunion musical number, which should be as charming as the movie itself, we hope. 

The Hunger Games

Okay, so if you didn't know this was happening already, you probably don't care, but let's reiterate: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will debut a teaser trailer for the movie at the awards. Don't get your hopes up too much.


MTV was also responsible for debuting the teaser for the first film at the VMAs in 2011, and that didn't really amount to much. 

Iron Man 3

Per MTV, there will be an "extended look" at Iron Man 3. Of course, we've already gotten a lot of looks at Iron Man 3, so we're kind of just ready to see the damn movie already. But we'll probably overanalyze the new footage just as much as you will.

Kim Kardashian

Do you care about baby bumps? If you do, note that Kim Kardashian will be in attendance. She's introducing Selena Gomez, whose performance you might want to pay attention to... if you're fascinated, like we are, about the career trajectories of Spring Breakers stars. 


Okay, so no one really cares about awards at this show, do they? If you must, Jamie Foxx, Will Ferrell and Emma Watson are getting the Cecil B. DeMille Awards of this thing—and we can only hope one of them goes all Jodie Foster and does a Molly Shannon impression. As for everything thing else, well, this is an awards show wherein Oscar-winning performances from Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence are going up against Mila Kunis in Ted, so make of that what you will. That said, if Channing Tatum loses best shirtless performance to the bear from Ted, we may sue someone. 

Brad Pitt 

As USA Today points out Brad Pitt is sparing with his public appearances, but someone told him he needs to promote World War Z. So he's going to be at the show handing out the award for Movie of the Year. We assume his introduction will go something like this, right before he hands the prize over to Ted

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