Matt Lauer's Horse Farm Trouble

Today in celebrity news: The embattled Today host recently had some Hamptons issues, a Glee actress is pregnant, and Justin Bieber is still upset about Selena. 

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Today in celebrity news: The embattled Today host recently had some Hamptons issues, a Glee actress is pregnant, and Justin Bieber is still upset about Selena. 

As if all the Today show backlash wasn't enough, with people blaming him for low ratings and saying he mistreated Ann Curry, Matt Lauer is now dealing with real estate troubles. See, he owns this 40-acre horse farm in the Hamptons, because why not. He's been doing some renovations on the place, but the town of Southampton issued a stop-work order at the end of March. It's specifically related to a former "office structure" that he's trying to turn into "a swank residence for up to six groomsmen." I guess the issue is that he's not allowed to build a home on the property, because of zoning, but he can build things related to the agricultural business. So I guess there's an issue of whether the grossmen's residence counts as a house? It's unclear. Anyway, Lauer's people have refiled permits and say they were just rebuilding the office structure because they'd found rot at the old one and that they are "not at odds with the town." A likely story! Not at odds with the town my Aunt Fanny. Matt Lauer's horse farm is notorious! The constant whinnying and neighing, the apple cores dumped in huge piles unceremoniously on the street outside the property, the constant paparazzi attention when Sarah Jessica Parker stops in to see friends. It's just too much, this horse farm. Matt Lauer is a scourge and a menace! When will this monster be stopped? Matt Lauer, Today show host and horse farm owner. Could there be a worse, crueler, or more fearsome man in all America? I think not. Where in the world is Matt Lauer? Cackling at us from the gates of Hell, which is what he calls his horse farm. [Page Six]

Heather Morris from Glee, she's the really good dancer who plays Brittany, is expecting a baby. The 26-year-old actress, who made a brief appearance in Spring Breakers, is about three months along and is apparently starting to show. The father is a guy named Taylor Hubbell, whom Morris has known since high school. It seems that Morris told a magazine a couple years ago, "I want to marry Taylor and have kids with him. I love acting, but if it affects my relationship, then I won't continue." So I guess that's serious! Good for her. Who knows if they'll write the pregnancy into the show next year or if there will be a show next year at all and if she'll be on it if there is. Really who knows anything about Glee and who cares. [Us Weekly]

It's possible that Justin Bieber's recent spell of bad behavior — smoking weed, canceling some concerts and showing up late to others — all stems from his broken heart. Ever since he and Selena Gomez broke up, or rather Gomez broke up with him, Justin has been an acting-out wreck, doing things like driving irresponsibly, smoking pot, and shirking out of doing work. Which... Uh, sounds a little like a normal teenager? I mean, lord knows when I was 19 I was wearing a jacket and tie and going to class or work bright-eyed and bushy-tailed every day and I never did anything stupid or bad, like getting stoned or anything. Nope, never smoked any weed when I was nineteen and was never lazy and skipped class or called out sick to my job. You'd better believe I never did any of those things, so it's crazy that Justin Bieber has, I mean what kind of 19-year-old is he?? (Ssshh, guys, play it cool, my parents read this sometimes.) [TMZ]

Remember Ryan Cabrera? Yeah, me neither. But apparently he's some kind of singer who used to date Ashlee Simpson and who has gotten a tattoo of Ryan Gosling on his leg. Yeah, he calls it "the Bentley of tattoos" in a trying-to-be-funny way and explains that he and his friends play "tattoo roulette," where one of them gets blindfolded and the others pick a tattoo for the blindfolded guy. And he gets it. Because that's the joke, I guess. Anyway, the Ryan Gosling tattoo is on Cabrera's leg, the space he reserves for tattoo roulette tattoos because his arms are where the serious stuff is. Like the cool heart and the stick figure. You know, meaningful stuff. When reached for comment about the stunt tattoo, which Cabrera likes showing off, Ryan Gosling responded, "What? Who? Who is this? I don't care what people do. It's a free country. Leave me alone." [Us Weekly]

Conrad Murray, the doctor currently serving four years in prison for the wrongful death of Michael Jackson, called into Anderson Cooper's CNN show last night to stress his innocence and to say that he's appealing the verdict. He also called to sing a song. Yeah, he sang a Nat King Cole song called "The Little Boy that Santa Claus Forgot," which I guess referred to him or something. That's what he did. On the phone, from jail, live with Anderson Cooper. "[Y]ou gotta watch it, because his singing is super awkward ... and awful," TMZ says. Which is exactly why I will not watch it. But you are free to! Enjoy yourselves. Go nuts. Who cares. [TMZ]

This is apparently the resort that Matt Damon and wife Luciana Barroso have rented out, for a cool million dollars, for their vow renewal ceremony. Take a look at the picture gallery. I think you'll find that it's a hideous place and will wonder why anyone would ever want to stay in that disgusting hole of a dump. Ugh. So tacky, Matt. What will George think? [Page Six]

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