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The Broadway production of the new musical Matilda got a rave review from Ben Brantley in The New York Times today, but if you only looked at the banner ad that ran above that review, you wouldn't have known.

It seems that an unfinished version of the ad, with dummy text in place of the "The Best Quote" from "Publication" even as the (good!) reviews for the Roald Dahl adaptation came in, went live on the ad servers. Update: Linda Zebian, a New York Times spokesperson, called to explain that it was the fault of the Times' ad operations. "It was the Times’ mistake. we launched it before they had the chance to put the quotes in," Zebian said. 

But, on Twitter the marketing team bore the brunt of the blame, so someone's unfinished work went viral on Twitter:

And Brantley made that job much, much easier: "Rush now, barricade stormers of culture, to the Shubert Theater." "It’s an exhilarating tale of empowerment." "truly revolutionary." 

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