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So Warner Bros. has finally decided to give us something more from Man of Steel, the upcoming Superman movie, that's more than just a mopey Clark Kent staring into the sky, questioning his existence to a pseudo-religious soundtrack. In the most recent promo, we get something rather fun: a message to Earth from the villain, Kryptonian General Zod, asking us to surrender one of his citizens. Zod then addresses Superman (né Kal-El) directly: "Surrender within 24 hours or watch this world suffer the consequences." It's a little conventional for an alien message to Earth, and also a little Anonymous-y. 

Also, too: It doesn't really give us a great look at Boardwalk Empire's Michael Shannon in the role of Zod, considering the entire promo is obscured by static. In last week's Entertainment Weekly cover story on Man of Steel, Shannon said that his Zod doesn't "really have any malignant feelings towards" Superman, "he just wants him to be patriotic." We're excited to see Zod as more of a complex character, rather than just this kind of threatening messenger. In any case, we were getting a little tired of hearing about Superman's feelings. 

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