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This summer, coming to a theater near you, are you ready for Superman to get really, really heady? That's been the tone of the trailers that have come before, and it very much remains the tone for the new TV spot out today for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel

The spot doesn't really have any new footage, but it doesn't prove that the filmmakers are prepared to beat us over the head with almost religious sounding music and questions of identity. "I have so many questions," asks Henry Cavill, as Clark Kent. "Where do I come from?"

It also makes you wonder about the—well, about the quality of everything else, aside from beautiful images and pseudo-thoughtful inquiries about origin. The Man of Steel trailers haven't exactly given us anything—well, anything really substantial, on Amy Adams's Lois Lane, or Michael Shannon's General Zod, or Laurence Fishburne's Perry White, or even on the possibly female Jimmy Olsen character. We know this movie is about Superman and all, but you would think Snyder wouldn't want to be so deceptive in hiding actors of this caliber behind this much superhero self-reflection, especially now that we're in the TV spot phase of advertising—and especially given the struggles facing this franchise of late. 

As we've written before, Snyder has given us reason to pause in the past. Sure, everything looks pretty, but audiences are going to need more to be confident about this if they're going to flock in droves, in 3D glasses and at higher prices, come June 14. Plus, that music is just starting to get annoying. 

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