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According to the strict media spoiler rules of notoriously secretive Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, the most revealing parts of Sunday's two-hour premiere include "partnerships" and, well, office-building architecture. Don't worry, we're not really spoiling anything here.

It is a sad reality of our totally privileged job as Mad Men correspondents: Per AMC's letter from the showrunner, who is quite prickly about these matters, we can only tell you so much about the (fantastic!) first episode of season six. Now, Weiner has sent out these faux-humble, not very explicit requests along with review copies of Mad Men premiere DVDs for seasons of yore. But we thought we'd share those things which we cannot say between now and Sunday at 11 p.m., just to get you even more excited (stop here if you're really touchy about this stuff): the year the season starts in, new characters, new "relationships or partnerships," whether the agency has gotten another floor (it was a question in the season five finale), and the "status" of Don and Megan's marriage. 

So, yeah, some of those things are pretty important; others, less so. And some critics have decided that even the act of naming some of these requests was to give in to the spoiler culture, however annoying it might be. Maureen Ryan redacts two from her Huffington Post piece, but notes that New York's Matt Zoller Seitz mentions the two she chose to keep out. As we learned in some of our other Mad Men reading, spoilers do and do not matter. We thought you'd probably be wondering, so an act of full transparency, here is Weiner's full letter—not that it actually reveals anything: 

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