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The nominations have arrived for the 2013 Webby Awards — the closest thing the Internet has to its own (if not that prestigious) version of the Oscars — and, well, Lena Dunham might have to clear some room on her starting-to-be-very-full shelves: she's been nominated for that video that made a lot of people mad. Which Lena Dunham video that mad a lot of people mad, you ask? The one wherein she compared voting to losing your virginity, stumped for President Obama's re-election campaign, and outraged conservatives. Yeah, that one

She's nominated in the Best Individual Performance category, and though it might seem like she's a shoo-in—you know, something about the voice of a generation and the Internet or whatever—Dunham is actually up against some tough competition. The Obama ad faces off against projects featuring Ken Marino, Jerry Seinfeld, Jean Dujardin, and Charlize Theron. Dunham's is definitely the most controversial in the category. 

Now, because of the way the Webbys work, there could be two winners in every category: The plain old Webby is determined by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences;  the Webby People's Voice Award is a democratically chosen honor. So, she could also win twice — and provided there's not some sort of Twitchy campaign to push for Seinfeld instead, she's likely bound to win once. Hey, at least she's not up against Justin Bieber

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