Justin Bieber's Sexy Instagram

Today in the world of celebrity news: The prince of pop posted a risque illustration yesterday, Rachael Ray's show may be getting sued, and good god another sex tape. 

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Today in the world of celebrity news: The prince of pop posted a risque illustration yesterday, Rachael Ray's show may be getting sued, and good god another sex tape.

Ohhhh no. Justin Bieber, a 19-year-old Canadian whom some 40 million people have a crush on, has gone and posted a naughty thing on Instagram. (Instagram is a photo service that— Eh, you know what? It's just an Internet thing. That's all. Don't worry about it.) Yesterday, without comment, the Biebs posted an illustration of himself, shirtless — possibly pantsless! — with a young lady, also sans top, resting on his chest. It says "Justin" above his head and "Belieber" above hers. Meaning Justin Bieber posted to his nearly eight million Instagram followers an illustration that suggested a post-coital moment between Justin and one of his many devoted young lady fans. So basically everyone fainted yesterday. Everyone crumpled to the floor into a little heap of lip gloss and weird jeans. Maddeningly, Bieber posted the photo with no comment. No "LOL" or "LOL..." or "LOL!" or "lol." or even a "Dayum." (I'm not sure kids are saying "Dayum" these days, but who knows.) He just posted it. Wordlessly. Leaving his fans to divine their own meaning. Judging from the comments, the popular interpretations seem to be "Awwww" and "Justin Come To Brazil!! :D" Very interesting. What do you think it means? [Page Six; Instagram]

Some poor girl is suing The Rachael Ray Show after she appeared on the program for a segment about weight loss and was allegedly treated terribly. As TMZ describes it, "the trainer made her run like Forrest Gump, yelled and screamed at her, and made her hike in the mountains." Not the mountains! And then "the trainer put her on a StairMaster and kept cranking up the speed until she fell off the machine ... and then he yelled at her for falling." OK. And what happened because of this torture? Well, she "suffer[ed] serious injuries including messed up legs." "Messed up legs"?? Ease up on the medicalese, TMZ. Give it to me in English. The show says they have yet to hear about this lawsuit, so it might all be bunk, but if not, I think we've got a real case on our hands here. I mean a girl who volunteered to be on a show about extreme weight loss — dropping 70 pounds was the goal — was made to run, to hike, in the mountains, and then to use a stair machine at an accelerated speed. I mean that is simply outrageous. Only half of the mountain hike was downhill! Pure insanity. (Look, it's too bad the girl had a bad experience on the show, but good grief, what did she expect. Has she never seen The Biggest Loser? Which, OK, maybe she hasn't, that's a perfectly reasonable assumption, that someone has never seen The Biggest Loser, but still. Methinks a reaction like this might speak to a bigger, more internalized issue, y'know? Oh well.) [TMZ]

The ex-husband of skier and Tiger Woods dater Lindsey Vonn tweeted out a silly thing the other day while watching the Masters. See there was this whole thing with Tiger Woods where a viewer called the officials after noticing a violation and so Tiger was ultimately fined two strokes. So the ex-husband, this Thomas Vonn character, tweeted out, "No problem Masters tournament happy to call in and help. You always have to keep an eye on those cheaters ;)" See, the word "cheaters" there implies both cheating at the game of golf and romantic infidelity, something that Tiger Woods has proven quite adept at. So I guess this tells us that the split may not be all that amicable between he and Lindsey, which is a shame. I mean the shame is that a grown man is tweeting out yuk-yuks about the matter complete with winky-face emoticons. That's really the shame here. If it's embarrassing when Taylor Swift does it on the Grammys, it's certainly embarrassing when a grown man does it on Twitter. Stop embarrassing yourselves, everyone. [Us Weekly]

Oh for heaven's sake. It seems that one of the stars of MTV's now-defunct Buckwild has a sex tape with one of the other stars of MTV's now-canceled Buckwild. Somebody named Shae had sex with somebody named Jesse J and they taped it, and now Shae claims that a porn company has offered her $50,000 and a year's supply of cigarettes — yes, a year's supply of smokes — in exchange for rights to the in no way whatsoever on any planet or in any dimension sought-after tape. I mean honestly who in the living world gives a good goddamned goose turd about a sex tape featuring "Shae" and "Jesse J" from "Buckwild." Honestly. To her credit, I guess, Shae says that she's trying to stop the thing from being released and blames Jesse J for leaking the thing. And apparently they made the tape before they were on the show. Which... aren't these kids like 18 right now? Is this even legal? What even is this world. What has it all become. [TMZ]

Here are some photos of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone being cute on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. That's all. It's just photos of them looking nice and laughing together. He has a fun new haircut and she's in a nice white coat and that's all. They hug at one point. It's nice. Sigh. It's nice. [Daily Mail]

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