Justin Bieber Hopes Anne Frank 'Would Have Been a Belieber'

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Everybody's favorite Canadian pop star recently made a visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam where he left a few deep thoughts in the guestbook. They weren't that deep, though. Ahead of his show in Arnhem, Justin Bieber (and his guards) spent over an hour at the museum for the famed Holocaust victim. As they do, a pack of Beliebers gathered outside the front door to catch a glimpse of the teen sensation. The teen sensation evidently hopes that Anne Frank would've been among them. "Truly inspiring to be able to come here," he wrote in the museum's guest book. "Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber."

The vast majority of these guest book signatures are likely quickly shuffled off into obscurity, but not Justin Bieber's deep thoughts. The Anne Frank Museum posted a dispatch about Bieber's visit on Facebook, where fans were unimpressed. "That little idiot is way too full of himself," said one fan. "He's nothing but a talentless, egotistical, puker!" said another. "How does he manage to think about his own fame and success attending a historical place of such tragedy and injustice?" said a third. There about 500 more comment just like that, including one clever use of the phrase "He's Justin idiot."

So maybe Bieber didn't think through that message so much. At least he went to the Anne Frank Museum, though. We can think of a lot more trouble-making things he could've been doing in the land of coffee shops and fun.

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